British Dems Move to Regulate Photoshop Images in Adverts

Liberal Democrats in England say that as part of a new policy on women’s issues, all images should be accompanied by a message indicating that the photos have been airbrushed. Research shows that women are increasingly likely to consciously or subconsciously evaluate their own physical looks against airbrushed Photoshop images.

Twiggy’s airbrushed images in Olay adPhotoshopped images also convey an unrealistic expectation around product efficacy. The latest trigger in the Photoshop debate came with Olay’s face cream images of sixties model Twiggy — without any lines in her face.

Jo Swinson the MP for East Dunbartonshire, said:“Liberal Democrats believe in the freedom of companies to advertise but we also believe in the freedom of young people to develop their self-esteem and to be as comfortable as possible with their bodies, without constantly feeling the need to measure up to a very narrow range of digitally manipulated shapes and sizes.” via Telegraph UK

This is a strong volley across the net in what is emerging as a major discussion on the advertising industry’s relationship with women consumers. A