Anouck Lepere Could Be a Ralph Lauren Model

Dazed and Confused intern Anouck LepereNow I’m getting a little spooked.  After Ralph Lauren takes responsibility for its emaciated woman ad, Refinery 29 beings us a photoshoot of Anouck Lepere,intern at trendy fashion culture mag Dazed and Confused. These photos could just be the real deal — Lepere’s head could be larger than her pelvis, depending on the camera angle, of course.

Dazed and Confused intern Anouck LepereSorry, Ms. Lepere can wear a pussy brooch and Agent Provocateur nipple tassles. I stand by the medical research on lost libdo and stopping of the menses when one is this fragile of frame. Did I mention lifeless hair that eventually starts to fall out?

Lydia Hearst at the Boom Boom Room for J’Adore’s 10th anniversary partySeriously, perhaps the problem is the rest of us women who eat. Lydia Hearst looks like the Ralph Lauren ad as well. Very sobering, although I realize that women have always come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Anne