And the Winner Is: Ann Ward | Ellen von Unwerth | Vogue Italia March 2010

America’s Next Top Model Texan Ann Ward, winner in Cycle 15 of the Tyra Banks CW Network reality show, is lensed by Ellen von Unwerth for the March issue of Italian Vogue.

At 6’2” tall and a super-thin waist, the subject of Ward’s body type was a constant topic of conversation as the world met Ann Ward for the first time.  We’re sensitive to the fact that Ward suffered from self-confidence problems, being mocked for her height and body during high school.

Under pressure that Ward didn’t constitute a positive role model weight for young women, Tyra Banks refused to bow to pressure, satisfied by all accounts that Ann’s body is naturally thin. One of the earlier contestants, Anamaria Mitdita was released from the show, but Ward stayed.

Although Ann Ward drew an immediate following, she was considered to be the most reclusive model ever to win the award. The LA Times picks up the story in an in-depth Dec. 2010 interview with Ann Ward.

America’s Next Top Model also talks about her body in this video interview.

Ann Ward Video Interview


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