Agyness Deyn Moves Away From Modeling

British model Agyness Deyn left her glamour girl looks at home when she headed for a beach in Florida. The Daily Mail UK reports that Dyn will make a short, 12-minute film called Mean To Me. The some-days blond beauty says that she’s cutting back on modeling to pursue a career in film.

We love Dyn’s confidence level — are you certain she’s not French? Let this little post be a lesson to all women in the lessons of ‘la glamour” and transforming oneself in and out of different personalities and guises.

Agyness Deyn’s ‘long and boyish’, says Daily Mail, body shape is one loved by many designers like Karl Lagerfled and highly recommended as one we all should aspire to achieve. Agyness looks so fabulous being Agyness — which ever version is appearing this afternoon.