Ageless Fabulosity | Layers of Alex B's Spirited Life

Alex B by Suki WildeThese images of Alex B capture the essence of the Ageless Fabulosity British woman we have come to know in the last week. Alex B’s NSFW images are posted at Sensuality News, but I couldn’t resist Erwan’s capture of Alex B, published in Jade Magazine.

Reading Alex B’s interview by Dr. Carla Johnson conveys not only a sense of positive aging but also her adventurous and young spirit. Ageless Fabulosity is a holistic concept that runs far deeper than appreciating one’s physicality enough to step before the camera.

In fact most women will never be photographed nude, although I will press strongly the idea in 2011 that every woman pick up a camera and photograph herself privately in the mirror, as I have.

These images of Alex B show the range of her personality and identity. We thank her profusely for allowing us to share her story of Ageless Fabulosity in the world of modeling, known as a young woman’s business. Anne

Alex B by Erwan, published in Jade Magazine

Alex B by Bob AdamsAlex B by Darren BradeAlex B by Darren Brade

Alex B by David NuttallAlex B by Elisabeth JakobsenAlex B by Elisabeth JakobsenAlex B by Vijay Jethwa

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Ageless Fabulosity | Dr. Carla Johnson Interviewed by (Dr.) Alex B

Ageless Fabulosity | (Dr.) Alex Interviewed by Dr. Carla Johnson

NSFW images of Alex B and Carla

Alex B

Ageless Fabulosity | Alex B | Natural Moods | NSFW


Dr. Carla Johnson | Elijah | A.J. Kahn | NSFW

Dr. Carla Johnson | Carrie Leigh | Carrie Leigh’s NUDE Magazine Spring 2010 | NSFW

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