Kate Upton Talks A Great Life In Arthur Belebeau Images For Shape September 2017

Few people doubt that talent Kate Upton is a badass! With a body and breasts that have been the subject of derision and adulation for several years now, Kate has never faltered to those who seek to bring her down. Upton's self-confidence is outstanding and she pushes herself with a strong personal agenda. 

In the September 2017 issue of Shape Magazine, Kate talks her engagement to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander and her acting career. Upton remains on the Forbes List of World's Highest Paid Models, clocking $3.5 million in 2016, a decline from her 2014 spot with $7 million. 

Upton doesn't get scooped up into interpretations of such popularity trends. She has always been remarkably neurosis-free, and she's a pro at self-promotion and self-discipline -- as evidenced by her stardom in a fashion industry that often treated her like a sl#t.  

As for her curvy body, Kate shares her philosophy about treating herself: "I mean, you can't be good all day," she says. "Some of her favorite things: going out to dinner, drinking wine, and eating french fries and chocolate."

But before any woman wanting to look like Kate think this is the secret to her success, understand that the 25-year-old model and actor also pushes a sled with 500-pound weights across the gym floor and does hip thrusts with a 200-pound bar across her lap. Images by Arthur Belebeau show her results.