Bo Krsmanovic Sizzles In Gilles Bensimon Images For Maxim April 2017 Cover Story

Serbian beauty Bo Krsmanovic covers the April 2017 issue of Maxim Magazine, celebrating her 2016 Sports Illustrated rookie status and history of major Guess campaigns. Be careful not to be swept away with Bo's sensual status; she has a BA in economics from the Univerzitet of Džon Nezbit in her hometown of Belgrade.

Gilles Bensimon captures the sexy Bo, who explains that her relationship status is problematic, with her search for love being forever complicated by her work and travel schedule.  Maxim writes:

Today, she splits her time between Belgrade and New York, which makes it hard to sustain a relationship. "The problem is I fall in love quickly, and I travel a lot, and that's a problem. My relationships have always finished with breakups, or you meet a person and it's painful because you are away all the time, or there is jealousy and you fight every day. 

"I like to be in a relationship; I like to be in love. I think European women are a little more traditional. Where I come from, it's a little more family-oriented. Women are very focused on finding their true love."

For now, she says, her focus is on work, and she is sanguine about her journey from Europe to the bright lights of Manhattan. "A lot of things changed for me, but that glamorous life…famous people are all just people. A successful businessman is the same as a successful actor; they all started from zero. I don't get intimidated."