Nicola Griffin, 56, Is Steamy & Seductive In Lingerie Shoot For SLiNK Magazine

British model and single mother Nicola Griffin, a 56-year-old mum from Nottingham defies ageism in this delicious lingerie editorial for the UK's plus-size fashion magazine SLiNK. Griffin, who previously appeared in the pages of Sports Illustrated in a gold bikini, is a UK size 16 (size 12 US) woman who found the confidence to begin modeling after age 50. Interviewed by Perelandra Beedles for SLiNK, Nicola -- aka Nicky -- explains the psychological breakthrough she experienced at the thought of 'exposing' herself to the whole world:

 "I think for me maybe it comes with age because when you get to 56 you don't know how long you have got left in the world and this is how you look so embrace it. Life is short so I just think, like it or lump it. I've been young, I've been worried, I've been under pressure, I've felt all those things and I don't want to feel them anymore so I just don't. I'm determined to enjoy each day. I grab every opportunity and make the best of it."

Griffin was discovered three years ago, standing in line at the bank with her twin daughters Tabitha and Elly. Asked if she would front a campaign for White Hot Hair, Griffin agreed and then was signed by Milk Model Management.

At a time when women are feeling the sting of online trolling and body shaming for the slightest imperfection, Nicola is an inspiration and role model. "In fact I’ve had some fantastic feedback from women saying they finally feel they have a model that represents and inspires them," she tells SLiNK, The focus of this issue of SLiNK celebrates passionate women across every age. To the degree that passionate is connected to female sexuality and desire, inner and outer self-love is a core trigger for an active libido.

Speaking with The Telegraph, Nicola says "I have a big tummy, but I gave birth to two 7lb babies at the same time. "It is not a flat stomach, it is rounded. This is me. It has not been photoshopped and I have not gone on a diet. This is how a beautiful woman should, can and does look."

And Griffin says forget dieting. “No. Never. What for? Why? I think that is totally, utterly pointless. I’ll still be 56 with two pounds less," she told us. "I am not competing with anyone. I am just 56 with grey hair and a size 16. End of.”