Beyonce Is All American Woman Patriot By Ryan McGinley For Beat Magazine Winter 2015

Superstar Beyonce reminds the world that she's one of America's best ambassadors for women loving our own skin and body types. Add to that Queen Bey's alliance with megastars like Salma Hayek -- who is a lead Latino in the campaign to elect Hillary Clinton -- and Beyonce's co-partner in the global 'Chime for Change' movement to empower young girls and women world wide, and you have a new version of Secretary of State.

Last month Beyonce and Salma Hayek were in Central Park, where they joined other Chimers to co-sponsor the exhilarating Global Citizen concert, in which Beyonce brought down the evening sky with her activist battle cry for women everywhere in the world. While Beyonce has contributed significant sums to the Hillary Clinton campaign, she has not officially endorsed the candidate. When she does (we're praying fervently),  the rally for American women and ALL women in the world is officially on.

Beyonce goes patriotic stars and stripes in Ryan McGinley images for the winter 2015/16 cover shoot for Beat Magazine.