Anne Looks To NUTRIBULLET For A Speedy Muscle Damage Recovery

Introducing NUTRIBULLET, an affordable kitchen ‘must-have’ guaranteed to help you pulverize your way to good health. I know, the name NUTRIBULLET is hardly a peaceful name in our war-weary world, hype-heavy world. The last thing we need is bullets in the kitchen, unless the NRA is your guardian angel.

The Health Benefits of Garbage

NUTRIBULLET delivers nourishment, more high-quality nutritional content than any other appliance in your kitchen, making it a culinary beauty with near goddess qualities. NUTRIBULLET is significantly different than your current kitchen blender. The machine pulverises the stems, seeds, skins — everything we tend to thrown away — when making shakes in blenders.

While I’m not a certified nutritionist, it’s common knowledge by those of us trying to eat a healthy diet that great nutrients live in what is often considered garbage.

AOC is full of articles on good health and wellness, dating from a total turnaround that I did in my life in 2003/4. Losing over 50 pounds and becoming a total gym rat inspired a new respect in my life for healthy living. My transformation remained quite easy, as long as this aging body remained in motion. Over this period of writing down and taking responsibility for any food or drink making its way into my mouth, I came to understand a great deal about healthy nutrition and empty calories.

‘Let’s stop throwing our good health away’ is not a tag line for me. Adding garbage disposal foodstuffs to high-nutrition shakes make a whole lot of sense to me.

Burned Badly By Life Transition

 2014 was singularly the most difficult year of my life, beginning with my best friend and business partner’s savage bout with kidney cancer. The list of problems associated with his death don’t belong in this article, but they touched every piece of my life, resulting in a six-month sabbatical from my beloved Anne of Carversville.

Thinking the worst was over, I prepared to return to a more normal existence in August 2014. I was also celebrating a full recovery from a gym injury that I nursed for several years with true grit and determination, much to my doctor’s surprise. He counseled me to expect a 90% recovery, and I responded ‘no way.’

In early August, I set off for a new life chapter, highly motivated to reorganize my life and environment with a clean slate.

Unfortunately life had more reality checks in store for me in the form of a really bad burn, one that landed me barefoot with second-degree burns over most of my right foot. It was due to third-party negligence and I’ve now agreed not to speak about the incident — although it took a blistering article on AOC to receive even moderate compensation.

Setback for a Newly Healed and Fragile Body

Our bodies are a holistic systems, and mine was admittedly fragile last August. My alignment was perfect and I was pain-free. even after kicking serious butt in the gym. Lifting serious weights — 80 lbs — on my upper arms and torso was easy. For the first time in several years, the 2003/4 Anne was returning a decade later. Yet my body was newly-healed and, therefore, fragile.

A close friend of mine presented a visualization technique for leaving Philadelphia. ‘Take all the terrible events of the last year,’ he said, ‘and imagine them to be balloons. When you leave Philadelphia, look up into the sky and imagine that you are letting go of everyone of them. Say goodbye to everything that has gone wrong in 2014. You’re like a Phoenix, Anne, and you will rise again.’

His vision delighted me, prompting me to roll out of Philadelphia enacting his instructions perfectly. The sun shone brightly as the dark clouds parted to make room for a new day. How symbolic was that!!

The universe was not done with me; the goddesses decided I had more to learn about life.

Overnight I was in a new city with a burned foot and a right leg so swollen that I could barely walk and was able to wear but one pair of shoes. It didn’t take long before all my hard work to repair this excruciating gym injury was fading, leaving my right side completely out of alignment again. My new doctor feared an infection, and she was right, as it became clear that the scarring would be significant.

Nutrition & Muscle Health

As I rang in the 2015 New Year — kissing 2014 goodbye with a huge sigh of relief — regaining pain-free, full-use of my right leg was top of mind. The significant and permanent scarring on my right foot was a must-live-with. The rest was fixable in my opinion.

Armed with exercises from my doctor and others from my former trainer, there was a big miss in the 2015 New Year rehab program.  My body was drained of energy, leaving me weak when everyone knows me to be strong as the rock of Gibraltar.

Any knowledge about nutrition, as it related to muscle health, was not in my bucket of health resources. Fixing this nutrition information deficit was now a top priority.

Putting A Bullet In My Kitchen

This muscle health focus quickly took me to NUTRIBULLET, and how to benefit from the extraordinarily healthy nutrients in organic yam skins and beet greens, both top sources of the critical potassium needed for muscle health. 

Committed to protein shakes for years, my focus turned now to new health drinks and shakes that maximize body functioning without a lot of time in the kitchen. Like most American women, I love to cook but can’t justify the time most days. The more I studied potassium deficits and their relation to muscle health, it became clear that most of us can’t possibly have enough potassium in our diets

The idea of a speedy NUTRIBULLET in my kitchen looked more interesting with each new research reed. 3800 Amazon reviews giving it a 4-star rating are impressive.

It seems reasonable, though, that NUTRIBULLET isn’t the #3-#5 item in all of Amazon Kitchen without selling bunches of them. Ringing in the New Year with my leaving-Philadelphia balloons burst, the idea of pulverizing all my anger and frustration into a spring of healthy living with a new emphasis on muscle health made perfect sense. I would nurture this new setback with healthy, Anne-friendly yams and beet greens, one swift, sharp NUTRIBULLET blade at a time.

Note that the price of NUTRIBULLET varies on a supply and demand basis. I’ve watched it fluxuate, perhaps impacted by the West Coast dock strike. ~ Anne