Self Love Is The Best Beauty Lotion Of All Time For Glowing Skin & A Happy Smile

A sensual Toni Garrn poses for Paola Kudacki in this Allure Russia December beauty editorial. Toni’s bold necklace ‘Help” communicates a dual message at AOC. On the one hand, we have the beauty industry message of women needing constant improvement and fixing — so that we can become ‘flawless’, a word that I truly despise when applied to women’s physical appearance. Personally, I consider ‘flawless’ to be one of the most debilitating words in advertising and marketing.

Being concerned about my own appearance, it would be foolish for me to categorically reject my own need for an occasional beauty assist. I will say, however, that my own natural beauty is at its best — not when I’m buying some lotion or magic potion, but when I’m eating healthy, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and enjoying a healthy sex life with my partner. (Read Loving Relationships | 32 Health Benefits of Sex). Joyful orgasms do far more to give me glowing skin than any lotion I can think of.

The Harvard Medical School writes that of the estimated 57 million adults with anxiety disorders worldwide, two-thirds are women. While research on the physiological impact of anxiety on our health and immune system is young, a very positive correlation between anxiety and several chronic physical illnesses, including heart disease, chronic respiratory disorders, and gastrointestinal conditions has been established. My own health dramas have played out in the last category and also with two other dramatic falterings of my immune system.

Only when I made total peace with my own body by learning to love it — flaws and all — did my health become excellent.Only when I came face to face with the woman in the mirror and stopped ripping her to pieces did I begin to thrive in every aspect as a woman and human being.

Our writing at AOC attempts to walk a tight rope between acknowledging that we are well aware of all sides of the female body self love equation. Yes, most women want to look our best and buy products that will enhance our physical appeal.  A good bra completely changes how my clothes fit and look on my body, for example. So ‘yes’, AOC advocates sensible, responsible consumption just as we advocate for sensible, responsible loving sexual relationships.

Our far greater concern is that we ladies learn the art of self-acceptance and self-love so that we can be healthy and happy whatever our physical attributes may be. In broadcasting beautiful images like these of Toni Garrn, we are obligated to remind women that Toni is a beautiful model, presumably airbrushed.

None of the products and brand names featured in this sexy, Allure Russia editorial can render us flawless or ready for prime time. The only brand that will get a woman ready for prime time is the brand called YOU! ~ Anne


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