Stef van der Laan Says 'Witness the Fitness' & Be Happy With Your Body

Dutch beauty Stef van der Laan fronts two subjects very dear to our Smart Sensuality hearts: happiness and fitness for the November issue of Elle Netherlands. Photographer Cornelie Tollens captures Stef’s buff body wearing structured, modern lingerie in ‘Witness the Fitness’.

The Netherlands nearly always ranks in the top 5 of the world’s happiest nations and for multiple reasons. A love of exercise and the outdoors is a key factor. Research has long shown the positive correlation between regular exercise and becoming a more joyful person.

Exercise dampens the effects of rising cortisol levels associated with stress, frustration, fear, anger and anxiety. Intense exercise dreases the amounts of cortisol in the body, resulting in a more positive attitude and outlook.

In addition the body releases endorphins during exercise. Not only do endorphins numb pain and stimulate the brain. Endorphins help create feeling of contentment and elation. These are all great reasons to join Stef van der Laan as a member of the better body brigade. ~ Anne


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