Equinox Debuts Third Sexy Terry Richardson 2013 Campaign

Terry Richardson is behind the lens for the third season of the Equinox 58 sport clubs campaign. The theme and mood continues: well-chiseled women and men, undercurrent of provocation, nonathletic lifestyle scenarios.

Shot at LA’s Stah House or Case Study House #22, it features plenty of Richardson’s trademark skin and not so subtle references to ‘50 Shades of Grey’ as evidenced by a pair of sexy female legs climbing the stairs in stilettos and black panties with the tag line “Stair Master. By Equinox.”

With another reference to Dominance, the female model is on top in our preferred position. Not that we spend much time thinking about anything that Terry Richardson does, but it seems that this year’s sexy Equinox campaign is a bit more gender neutral in terms of role playing and adds a family focus as well.

WWD reports that next month, Terry Richardson’s first show ‘Terrywood’ will open at the Ohwow gallery.


via wwd