Angela Jonsson | Dirk Bader | Vogue India June 2012 | Great Escapes

Dirk Bader lenses Angela Jonsson in a June Vogue India feature ‘Great Escapes’. The avocado mask got our attention because Anne is scouting for anything with pits for her new Facebook Spittin’ Out the Pitts Campaign.

PA’s 16th District Joe Pitts has made a mockery out of women’s rights, promoting every anti-woman bill in Congress from his powerful House subcommittee seat that governs women’s health. The Spittin’ Sisters are lining up behind Aryanna Strader, moving to put her campaign against Pitts on a national platform.

While AOC is fully committed to spittin’ out every pit(t) trying to put women’s lives in a chokehold, we do love the benefits of avocado for our skin. Livestrong writes:

Avocados contain vitamins, specifically vitamins A and C, that can help slow the signs of aging. Dr. Kafi of the University of Michigan Medical School published a study called “Improvement of Naturally Aged Skin With Vitamin A (Retinol)”. He found that application of a vitamin A cream to naturally aged skin reduced the appearance of fine wrinkles and changed the molecular composition of the skin to make it appear more youthful.

Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid is an antioxidant, which helps fight the signs of aging. In a 2005 study published in Journal of the Society of Biology entitled “Human skin reconstructed in vitro as a model to study the keratinocyte, the fibroblast and their interactions: photodamage and repair processes”, Dr. Bernerd of L’Oreal reported that treatment of skin cells with vitamin C reduced the appearance of sun damage on the skin. shares several recipes for Avocado Face Masks.


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