'The Naked Truth' by Peter Lindbergh | Vogue Germany June 2012

Note | Nudity Just last night I was in a FB group on women’s issues. Someone gifted us a banner, in fact installed it without discussion, and first one woman and then others said “these images don’t look like anyone in this room. We’re not 15 and flawless. We’re 50 and fabulous!”

The June issue of Vogue Germany presents ‘The Naked Truth’ featuring Nadja Aurermann, Toni Garrn, Luca Gajdus, Julia Drews, Katrin Thormann, Karine Krawczuk, Donata Wenders, Hanna Wahmer, Christiane Arp and Nina Hoss lensed for real by Peter Lindbergh. Styled by Christiane Arp, the images inspire in their beauty and honesty.

This editorial gives me a chance to share my applause and support for the decision by all 19 international editors of Vogue magazine to ban models from their pages who “appear to have an eating disorder” and are younger than 16. The editors are also committed to improving conditions for models, including that they are paid for their work.

“Most editions of Vogue reg­ularly hire models who are minors, so for Vogue to commit to no longer using models under the age of 16 marks an evolution in the industry,” said former model Sara Ziff, Founder and Director of The Model Alliance. “We hope other magazines and fash­ion brands will follow Vogue’s impressive lead.”  Read the six planks of the Vogue initiative at NYT.


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