Carmen Dell'Orefice & Sam Webb | Brian Jankic | Geil Magazine October 2010

Posting editorials about Carmen Dell’Orefice a couple weeks ago, I held onto ‘La Vie En Rose’ for a special callout. Styled by Kim Johnson for Geil Magazine, October 2010, Brian Jankic’s images are just the kind of provocative editorial that doesn’t get picked up on fashion blogs — unless Carine Roitfeld is behind it or more recently Steven Klein’s aging Amber Valletta for W Magazine.

We are working to expand our Body channel, bringing back the health and aging articles that I pulled out about a year ago, my own half-finished Sensual & Superyoung manuscript, and enhancing greatly our spiritual and intellectual discussion of unconscious topics that affect our health, relationship with food, self love and overall wellbeing as women (and men) with our new 2Ps in a Pod blog with Bro.Dennis, myself and an expanding cast of contributors.

AOC is not switching gears away from young women at all, or sexuality — which has been moved to Sensual Rebel — but want to be sure that we always celebrate aging women.We started down this road a year ago with Ageless Fabulosity but ran into a female roadblock with one of the writers being very unhappy with me.

Aging is the kiss of death in America, compared to other countries like Italy, France or Brazil where older women are revered and frequently considered to be very sensual and beautiful. We’re picking up the mantle again, on behalf of our many readers who are over 35 and seek an introspective, sex-positive, spiritual discussion of our value as older women.

Yes, ‘La Vie en Rose’ is provocative, just as Carine Roitfeld and Tom Ford’s Clarissa & Doug’ may have partly responsible for Carine’s firing as editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, just as Steven Klein’s aging Amber Valletta pushes the sensual envelope.

Surely, featuring older models in passionate embraces shouldn’t be grounds for cries of “put them away, I can’t bear it” from young people, but this is the truth. Especially 35 year-old women can’t bear the thought of parents who are sexual beings.

We’ll keep our eyes out for more inspiring editorials like Carmen Dell’Orefice and Sam Web. Enjoy the fantasy. Anne


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