Voices | Arianna Huffington & Franca Sozzani | Jane Fonda on Women in Hollywood

We’ve been shuffling the deck again at Anne of Carversville, realigning our channels for about the fourth time. What fantastic readers we have, to rock and roll with us all the time. Trust us, there is a method to Anne’s madness, because we get stronger every day.

We’ve moved what was a separate health channel back into Body, where it was originally housed. If the next article is on the health benefits of coffee, don’t be surprised. Materials connected with happiness and personal values, sustainability and new thinking about the future can be found in Apple Valley.

Most articles on feminism have either gone to Anne’s Sensual Rebel column or News Musings for strictly women’s rights issues. All sexuality articles are in Sensual Rebel, and other health topics are here.

Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani is always in the news, and we make no pretense of not embracing her as our favorite editor-in-chief of any magazine. Besides being fierce herself — a topic raised by Arianna Huffington in this recent interview with Franca Sozzani — Franca has a holistic view of personal self-worth, civic responsibilities and materialism that is very refreshing.

The interview could reside in Apple Valley with its discussion of what matters in life, but it seems better suited here in Body with so many other references to Franca Sozzani.

Aging is here in Body, which inspires us to also share Jane Fonda’s incredible acceptace speech calling for change in Hollywood for women at the top. Janes speaks extensive about being an older woman.

The veteran actress was the toast of the Hollywood Reporter’s annual Power 100 Women in Entertainment event in Beverly Hills, California last Wednesday, as she received the coveted Sherry Lansing Leadership Award for her film work and philanthropy.

In her speech, Jane Fonda says “Until more women wield the power to decide what movies and TV shows get made, Hollywood culture won’t really yield all the fascinating complexities that are the realities of women’s lives. Until then, we’re accepting supporting roles in an industry many of us have devoted our lives to.”

We say Amen, Jane