Researchers Propose Free Fast Food Statins to Avoid Heart Damage

A new study from the Imperial College London makes an innovative recommendation to fast-food producers. While it’s strongly preferred that people stop eating burgers and fries, researchers suggest that giving away free statins could neutralise the heart disease dangers of fatty food.

“Everybody knows that fast food is bad for you, but people continue to eat it because it tastes good. We’re genetically programmed to prefer high-calorie foods, and sadly fast food chains will continue to sell unhealthy foods because it earns them a living.

“It makes sense to make risk-reducing supplements available just as easily as the unhealthy condiments that are provided free of charge. It would cost less than 5p per customer — not much different to a sachet of ketchup. via Science Daily

Researchers are serious in saying that fast food outlets give away packets of ketchup and mayo. Why not a statin? Note that the statin isn’t a wieght-loss pill that offsets any of the multitude of problems associated with fast food. It’s focus in cardiovascular deterioration only, directly related to the clogged arteries that accompanie eating most fast food.

It seems improbable that fast food outlets like McDonald’s will respond positively to this innovative idea, because it would represent an admission of legal liability that will keep them in American court cases forever.