Michelle Obama | Green Energy In High Gear!

First Lady Michelle Obama was in high gear yesterday, joined by a host of star athletes, including gymnast Dominique Dawes, figure skater Michelle Kwan and NASCAR driver Carl Edwards for a relaunch of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.

Besides her awesome jump roping exercises, FLOTUS showed off her toned, nicely muscular body as an inspiration for all Americans to get moving.

As America sinks deeper into obesity and all the problems that accompany it, the First Lady is leading the rally for Americans to redefine self-love away from biggie-sizing everything in sight, except our exercise routines. 

Michelle Obama’s focus is children, direly threatened by the nation’s obesity epidemic. Anne of Carversville supports kids everywhere, but even moreso their parents. We join the First Lady in wanting to see a whole lot more self-love expressed in America, by getting our human-pedaled wheels in motion.

Now THAT is green energy at its best. 

Michelle Obama Speaking on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition

Our top priority is talking up the message that healthy food is sexy food.

Forget the word ‘aphrodisiac’ if it’s a crutch to give you an instant hard-on (male or female). Guys, did you know that the little blue pill might not even be necessary, if you followed our program for healthy eating and dedicated time in bed with your honey.

While the President and First Lady work on your kids …we’re working on you. Think of 2010 as the new Summer of Love. Let’s see, what shall we focus on today? 

We have 14 key love potion foods to get you started. That’s the good news.

As for the bad news, we can go where the First Lady can’t. It’s positively unAmerican to say that fast food makes you stupid.  See photos of your brain degeneration under The Bad News.  Scientists say that a steady diet of the fast food, and processed foods, that America loves the most will most likely cause brain degeneration. Rats behave as if they have Alzheimer’s.

Read about all the Bad News Food. Like cigarettes, it’s killing you and your kids. And don’t fall for the new Godiva marketing strategy urging you to eat chocolate, chocolate, chocolate around the clock.

The Good News

Foods for Sexual Wellness

The Bad News

Comfort Food, Obesity and Severe Brain Degeneration