Lane Bryant Cacique Lingerie Commercial Refuses To Bow to FOX and ABC Censors

Ten minutes ago I wrote a headline unimaginable to me even six months ago: Will American Conservatives Move To Take Away Women’s Right To Birth Control?

Now I read that this Lane Bryant Cacique commercial, featuring Ashley Graham, was rejected and amended several times for FOX and ABC for showing too much cleavage. It was bad enough writing that ‘vagina’ or even ‘down there’ met the censors hammer of the TV networks a few weeks ago, when Kotex introduced their new tampon. 

But now I read that this Cacique commercial is too risque? Lane Bryant wanted to air the commercial on ‘Dancing With the Stars and ‘American Idol.’

Lane Bryant Cacique Commercial Banned By FOX and ABC

Let me say that I’ve had a long relationship with both Cacique and Victoria’s Secret, and am not neutral on the subject of women’s lingerie, sexuality, body image or women’s rights. 

FOX News and ABC Banned Cacique Commercial for showing too much cleavageWatching this video and reading all the censorship arguments experienced by the Lane Bryant | Cacique marketing group is chilling, and absolutely discriminatory. Where are the Ralph Lauren photoshop activists on this Lane Bryant | Cacique commercial challenge?

This VS “The Nakeds” Commercial has no problem with censors and it’s much more ‘sultry’ than the Cacique commercial.

VS ‘The Nakeds’ Commercial

Google Images, FOXNews, ABC — The Guys in Power

I admit that I’m in total angst with my own  Google Images waterloo, with the entire Anne of Carversville website losing a moderate-search filter status because I posted the Louis Vuitton and LOVE magazine photos — straight out of Europe.

In my own situation, dealing with Google Images is the most Kafkaesque experience of my life. Everything is left up to the decisions of their SafeSearch group, and I have no idea what the standards are to get reinstated. 

All I know is that I cannot offend.

My time is spent reviewing other visuals in their three search criteria, trying to figure it out. There is no ‘help desk’ where you can get a human response to your problem. Messages go unacknowledged in the Google webmasters forum.

Like Kafka’s roach in Metamorphosis, I can only wonder if Google will declassify Anne of Carversville as a ‘bad girl’ website. A quick read through the website and Google Images listed for AOC shows a very clean slate. Yet, I am silenced like Kotex and Cacique.

In my case, because I’ve spoken up aggressively against the flogging of women and many other women’s rights issues including the Vatican, I have probably angered more than a few Conservatives around the world. They can complain about any image on the Anne of Carversville website they dislike, and I have no recourse to defend myself. 

My problem is a little one for the world, although a monumental one to me, given the explosive growth of our traffic and my personal following around the world.

Lane Bryant Cacique bra commercial censored by ABC and FOXBut to read that the Lane Bryant Cacique commercial has too much cleavage for network censors, when it’s a totally tasteful, great message for American women is too much to bear.

I can’t talk about the sexual connections between flogging women and the fact that Conservatives consume more porn than the rest of us. Kotex can’t use the word vagina or even ‘down there’ to sell a tampon on TV, and now Lane Bryant’s Cacique can’t run a gorgeous commercial on the same network that parades the Victoria’s Secret ‘Naked’ Angels everywhere?

Are Conservative men really committed to shutting up women everywhere in the world? I’m the last person to embrace conspiracy theories, and suddenly I’m having the most incredible thoughts about life in 21st century America.

Frankly, this censorship of women — and in this case beautiful, curvy women in a gorgeous TV commercial — is chilling. Is having a 44DD bosom now immoral in America? A danger to children perhaps?  Anne

FOX News and ABC censors said Lane Bryant Cacique ad was too risque