Drinking Beetroot Juice Promotes Blood Flow in Brain

Beets are beetiful! Seriously now, when the subject is a healthy heart, superb circulation, enhanced sexual wellness and a creative, sexy mind, beats are a very big deal. The health research on the benefits of beets just keeps coming at us.

Today’s subject is increased blood flow to the brain. Besides enhancing the probability of your creating unusually clever sexual fantasies, blood flow helps stave off dementia.

When our circulation switch is ‘on’, pulsing fresh blood carrying oxygen throughout our body and brain — and our sexual organs — we’re alive and full of vitality. At least we’re monogamous when the subject is beets. Once again, the object of our affection is their high-density of nitrates.

When you eat high-nitrate foods like beets, good bacteria in your mouth turns nitrate into nitrite.Other important foods that are rich in nitrates are celery, cabbage, spinach and some lettuce.

Lead researcher of today’s new study Professor Kim-Shapiro set his Wake Forest team set out to see if beets improve poorly perfused (or suffering from sluggish circulation) brains.

Subjects were divided into two groups, eating high-nitrate diets for two days and then low-nitrate diets. MRI brain scans showed that after eating a high-nitrate diet, participants experienced increased blood flow to the white matter of the frontal lobes, areas commonly associated with a lack of cognition.