Sexy Mangoes Attack Breast & Colon Cancer Cells

Photo via Flickr’s natty_dreadOn a weekly basis, a food considered to be an aphrodisiac — whether visually sensual in shape, color or smell, a sexual wellness food that promotes good circulation, or a food known to actually activate libido — is suddenly making major health news.

Takeaway: you can have both, and mangoes are a great example.

I can wax poetically about sensations of mango juice running off my chin, or share the fact that mango supplements are taken all over SE Asia to increase virility. For centuries sensual folklore where breast-shaped mangoes produce highly-effective, vitality-sustaining love potion juices.

What if mangoes are a godsend? Let’s get real. Sexy people get breast cancer, for example. And total studmuffins get colon cancer.

On this subject — cancer — today’s mango research is amazing! Mangoes may join the fight against cancer.

Texas AgriLife Research labs confirms mangoes as a cancer-fighting agent for breast and colon cancer cells. Although the mango extract was somewhat effective against lung, leukemia, and prostate cancers, it was most impressive against breast and colon cancer cells, triggering apoptosis (programmed cell death of the cancer cells).

Theoretically, the cancer was stopped cold, although there’s thousands of miles to walk before this possibility is scientific fact.

Researchers Dr. Susanne Talcott and Dr. Steve Talcott found that gallotannins were the compounds that were active against the cancer cells. Tannins are a type of polyphenols that are found in tea, wine, and grape seed, as well as mango.

In the Texas research, the Talcotts were examining the fruit’s polyphenols, natural substances found in plants associated with promoting good health. More positive news is that the mango polyphenolics did not damage normal colon cells, while attacking cancer-riddled ones.

Mangoes don’t have the high levels of antioxidants found in other fruits, including acai, bluberry and pomegranate, but they remain a super healthy, sexy food. They are high in vitamins A and C and also contain 18 other vitamins and minerals, according to the National Mango Board.

Further research and clinical trials will follow this exciting news, making mangoes potentially effective in the fight against colon and breast cancers. via Science Daily