'How To Get Michelle's Toned Arms' Gets Google News Top Spot

I was stopped dead in my tracks in Google News, just now.

There she is, in all her glory, Michelle Obama, MSNBC’s story: Want her arms? Learn the first lady’s workout. It occupies top billing, now women’s soft news or health or fashion. This is a LEAD news story in America.

I am not jealous. I already have Michelle Obama arms for almost 10 years now. Women’s Health Magazine tells you how to get them. This is the first time the First Lady’s trainer Cornell McClellan has spoken in public.

With any luck, once other American women get Michelle Obama arms, they will become Smart Sensuality women like Michelle and me.

Anne of Carversville armsBetter yet, they will don a pair of Lubna Hussein trousers to join a global community of like-minded women who can leg press 200 pounds without breaking a sweat. Actually, Lubna inspired me to leg press 225 on Sunday.

Now, it’s 300 or bust, of which, I have not so much.

Like Lubna in Khartoum, I had my own encounter with the morality police, in Park Slope, Brooklyn two weeks ago. Shuddering over being told that I needed to spend a few days in the local mosque, learning how to dress properly, I went to the gym instead. 

It’s time to put on the gloves. No, no, not boxing gloves. This is a peaceful movement, but it’s fierce. Just ask Lubna Ahmed or Hillary Clinton, who I KNOW used a soft glove to help Lubna get out of jail this morning.

The rest of us are putting on our gym shorts because while Lubna was spared the lash, 43,000 other women in Khartoum province last year weren’t. Flog one of us, you’ve flogged me, too.

If Lubna’s a ‘prostitute’, as the Islamists shouted at her yesterday, I’m a ‘prostitute’, too.

A Strong Women in India

Strong woman in India via Flickr photosadhuWhen the feminist movement in Egypt grabbed me last night, I suddenly realized that we Smart Sensuality women are connecting all around the world. And just now, I think this woman from Ahmedabad, Guliarat, India is the most gorgeous woman in the whole world.

If you’re new to Anne of Carversville, read our thinking: Shakira & Lubna Inspire a Smart Sensuality, Smarty Pants Types Saving Mother Earth, Vanilla Version.

I call it “vanilla version”, so that it can be translated in the Middle East, which it will be.

My journal will feature the Anne version, filled with photos and film, the kind that would have me beheaded in the Sudan and many other parts of the world.

Getting Michelle Obama arms is about far more than looking good in sleeveless dresses, although Smart Sensuality women have no problem embracing muscle lust. 

We truly don’t believe that men are incapable of controlling themselves, if they are in the same room with us. At least the men we know don’t lose their wits when we walk into the room. They’re as focused on women’s rights objectives, as we are.

Internationally, we all need strong arms and legs to run the full length of this women’s rights race, once and for all.

It will require VERY heavy lifting. Are you game? Anne

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