Ice Cream May Derail Brain's Ability to Govern Appetite

Ice cream derails brain chemistry designed to control over-eating.Staying slim and sexy is challenging enough, without dealing with fat molecules doing an end run on our brains, warning them to ignore the appetite-suppression signals from leptin and insulin, hormones involved in weight regulation.

In what sounds a bit like a dopamine hit, but actually has nothing to do with this sexy hormone, one particular type of fat — palmitic acid — is uniquely successful at turning our brains to mush, when we should “just say no” to more food.

Palmitic acid is commonly found in butter, cheese, milk and beef. These negative effects of palmitic acid on the brain last several days before making their way out of one’s body chemistry. Scientists believe this may explain why binging on Friday can leave one hungry three days later. 

Let’s note that yet again beef has entered our data bank, in a negative way. via Science Daily