Not All Healthy Foods Are Equal in Mediterranean Diet

The British Medical Journal just released yet another reason to embrace a Mediterranean, La Dolce Vita diet.

In a refinement to understanding extended longevity as a positive result of enjoying a healthy Mediterranean diet, researchers surveyed over 23,000 men and women enrolled in the Greek segment of this major research survey.

A food-category-specific analysis of longevity trends and the Mediterranean diet, emphasized the positive correlation of eating vegetables, fruits, nuts, pulses, olive oil and drinking moderate amounts of alcohol.

Again we see a positive correlation between healthy eating and aphrodisiac foods.

Pulses includes beans like kidney and lima beans, chickpeas, lentils and black-eyed peas. Alcohol is defined as the drinking of wine with meals.

Food groups not associated with longevity in the Mediterranean diet include fish, seafood, cereals and dairy products. These are neutral foods, not negative or unheathy in any way.

Consuming meat and excessive amounts of alcohol were identified as negative longevity factors.

via Greenhem on FlickrOur pursuit of aphrodisiac foods here at Anne of Carversville does not embrace eating beef and a lot of meat, even though these foods show up on some of the men’s health websites as ‘pro-love’ foods. Yes, protein is important to sexy eating, but we don’t advocate eating meat.

Please note that I enjoyed a rare hamburger today. But we can’t be advocates for eating beef, given the negative health consequences associated with eating too much meat. Anne

via Science Daily