Divine Intervention? Easeamine Dual Purpose Skin Cream Fights Wrinkles on Behalf of the Haves and the Have Nots

Note from Anne: . Hello to visitors from New Zealand and other parts of the world. All heck is breaking loose here on the Easeamine article and our Anne of Carversville Google position in both search and images. This is perhaps a wonderful example of the Internet creating “strange bedfellows” — the Carmelites and Anne. Now this is an interesting combo.

I contacted the Carmelites when I wrote this piece, offering my advisory services pro bono, in support of their seemingly worthy initiative.

In my experience, the skills of a beauty and lingerie industry expert, and seasoned retail and mfg product development professional, might be beneficial when “the world” learns about Easeamine. Skin care is a highly evolved business these days. Before we pay $60 for any beauty product, we want to be clear just what we’re buying.

I did make it clear to the Carmelites where my own values and principles regarding women’s issues might be in conflict with their own principles — I was raised Catholic but don’t endorse all of the positions of the Catholic Church.

As long as Easeamine doesn’t actively take a position against American women’s legal rights, I totally support their splendid and creative initiative called Easeamine. And of course, the product must work of minimizing wrinkles.

To be honest, I had no response to my offer via email.

I have reading as much “science” about the Easeamine research as I can — to help our many readers searching for information about Easeamine — and will update our website story. Frankly, information about the science of Easeamine is very limited.I will also buy the product and begin using Easeamine myself, so that I can speak directly about its efficacy.

This minute I’m working on a comparative story for you, evaluating the Easeamine website and product information with established “standards” in the industry, for high-end, small company, skin care products.

Part 1: Easeamine Anti-Wrinkle Cream: Beyond Divine Intervention, What Do We Know About the Product?

Part 2: Selling Easeamine: Compared to Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Perricone’s Anti-Aging Wrinkle-fighting System; and Intelligent Nutrients;



Original Anne of Carversville article on Easeamine.

I read a wonderful story over the weekend, about a Worcester, Massachusetts-based Teresian Carmelites monastery staying afloat in today’s world. You might think that religious orders are a place of refuge in our meltdown mess, but in fact the Teresian Carmelites monastery has its own problems.

  • Hopes of getting persmission Trappist monks in Belgium to produce Trappist beer were on hold.
  • Erecting windmills to generate and then well power (a common entrepreneurial endeavor these days) was losing steam
  • Donations kept humble food on the table, and even that supply of goodness could be at risk in a bad economy.

Based on their press release, the future of the Teresian Carmelites monastery was so bleak, that the Worcester Diocese withdrew official Roman Catholic recognition of the community, saying it was soo small to sustain itself and showed little potential to grow.

Praying six hours a day wasn’t solving the problem, although one can argue that a “God-incidence” did occur for members of this devout community. Translated, their prayers may have been answered.

These days the Carmelites are in the beauty business and are hopefully busy studying Horst Rechelbacher.

Forget bake sales. The Carmelites are ready for Barneys and Fred Siegel, with their Easeamine brand of high-end skin creams, based on the compound adenosine — a natural substance found in even older hearts — that triggers the skin’s dermis to produce more elastin and collagen.

In a perfect marriage of spirituality and science, the Carmelites teamed up with Dr. James Dobson Jr. and colleague Michael Ethier, housed in a lab at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

The result is Easeamine®, see the before and afters, “an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic facial skin cream for men and women. Easeamine® promises healthier looking skin that is firm, youthful and radiant with a decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” via Easeamine.com.

You can buy the product online at the company’s website, $65 for a 40 gram tube.

Brother Dennis Wyrzykowski says that the company must sell 32,000 tubes to break even. Future profits will support programmes for homeless and disadvantaged people throughout the New England region. We have no discussion about the financial relationship of Drs. Dobson and Ethier with the new company.

The timing of the new Easeamine® venture in a tight economy is challenging. But the Boston Herald reports that bad economy or not, aging baby boomers remain likely to boost the market for cosmeceutical products by more than 7 percent in the next four years. Skin care products, particularly those viewed as defying the telltale signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging, are expected to drive the growth. A