Sleeker Barbie in Christian Louboutin's Paris Window

Fine. Now that my little rant The Horrors of Stiletto Seduction with Fat Ankles is a hit with readers, I felt like a holiday gremlin today, seeing this gorgeous Christian Louboutin window in Paris, thanks to a new discovery Le Journal des Vitrines.

I was just tired of being ‘man handled’ that day. When Barbie has fat ankles that must be slimmed down to size, I find myself grasping the reality that I will never measure up … no way, no how. Don’t misunderstand me; I fight a valiant beauty battle.

However, in the spirit of the holiday … it’s a delicious Parisian window,  Christian Louboutin. I trust this new and improved Barbie meets your ideal woman specifications. It looks to me like she can’t walk 25 steps unaided, but human mobility is not required in the fashion world.

Writing about the Marc Jacobs fragrance LOLA today, I Googled Lauren Bacall’s measurements as ‘Slim Browning’ in ‘To Have and Have Not’. I think Bacall looked great in the movie and her measurements were 34-26-34. 

Watching Bacall last weekend, I said “now there’s a real dame.” These women invented the word ‘fierce’ and they looked to good doing it.

Checking out the measurements of the Victoria’s Secret models like Stephanie Seymour from my days at VS, she was more like Bacall: thin but womanly, with curves and a bosom.

Like ‘Slim’ Browning, the Original LOLA Was a Dame

Looking at the beautiful Christian Louboutin Paris window, I hope that we can all agree than Barbie is thin enough. She will vanish, soon, and her sales are down, no matter how much weight she loses.

Writing about Marc Jacobs, I’ve always loved him because he empowers women and doesn’t mind if they have a bosom.What a great guy!! Anne

Marc Jacobs Defines the Modern Meaning of LOLA