Older Women Leading In The Game Of Life

Today’s Daily Mail reflects on middle age for women, asking if in fact, middle age has ceased to exist.

Lulu is still going strong in her sixties.I like the Daily Mail because they are fast on their editorial game, if not always very kind to women. The publication can be positively cruel in their examination of female anatomy, but today they are on best behavior, with two great articles about older women and not an ounce of sarcasm in either.

Someone is sleeping at the switch at the Daily Mail, or our complaints have been heard. I can’t imagine the latter; perhaps someone is on vacation.

Linda Kelsey reflects on a reality I know well. If you choose, it’s possible to blitz right through age 50 without shedding a tear. Instead of embarking on a plan to grow old gracefully, women today embrace a plan to age vibrantly, and that includes remaining a sensual woman.

Bioidentical hormones help for certain. And the gym is a woman’s good friend. This picture of British 60’s star Lulu, born in 1948, sums up women’s futures, if remaining full of vitality is important to you.

A key thread is that many women honestly have lost track of their age. In spite of the deluge of ads telling us that this flaw must be fixed and that body part is sagging, and we read some 30 year-old daughter shrieking that her mother is having sex again with her new guy, life can be pretty good for older women.

If you thought 50 was the big-deal age barrier, get ready. You’ve never seen sixty-year-old women like the ones you’ll be tracking in the next few years.

Whatever your age, enjoy this read and the companion piece on Demi Moore, who has inspired many women — including myself — to relish life with a younger man.

Demi says she totally rejects the term ‘cougar’ but gladly wears the term ‘puma’.

The fabulously fantastic-looking Moore is featured in December issue of W Magazine.

On the subject of older women and younger men, the Daily Mail article references a 2005 online survey that only 8% of women said they would go out with a younger man.

In 2003 America’s AARP conducted a major survey with amazing results, ones that received minor exposure in our younger woman-focused media.

Among women 40-69 who were dating, one-third were dating men 10 years or more their junior. I reported then to my clients that this was a staggeringly important piece of news on the mindset of older women.

Enjoy more photos of Demi at Daily Mail.

Next we must distinguish between toyboys, boy toys and the men we simply adore and we’re actually building relationships with them, not merely playing around. Anne

Demi Moore, 46, with her 31-year-old husband Ashton Kutcher