Even Karl Lagerfeld Makes Room for Zaha Hadid

To be honest, I haven’t gotten arrested yet — traffic-wise —  with this article about architect Zaha Hadid, who is one of the most influential women in the design world.

With his truly horrible comments about larger ladies, we see that even Karl Lagerfeld is willing to be seen with Hadid, who designed Chanel’s global Contemporary Art Container exhibit, now sidelined for officially economic reasons. I argue that the concept is a bloated-ego, Modern-values branding exhibit totally off-tone for our times.

Studying Hadid’s structures gives us great examples of the robust nature of the female form historically and in our unconscious minds. Her work is also a superb example of incorporating masculine and feminine design principles into the same structures. Hadid’s work — expected to define 21st century architecture — is a visual collaboration of men and women together.  Read: Zaha Hadid: Master Builder|Ancient Female Vision.