Ralph Lauren Dislikes Women With Sensual Curves & Breasts


This current Ralph Lauren ad required Filippa Hamilton to become a caricature of herself?This version of Filippa Hamilton presents a thin but more real-looking woman.

I would love to ask David Lauren, senior VP-advertising, marketing and corporate communications for Ralph Lauren — and also son of chairman-CEO Ralph Lauren — if his ahead-of-the pack commitment to the role of digital technology in branding and marketing involves buying into a vision of our real or surreal selves.

Digital life gradually blurs all lines of demarcation between reality as we know it, and digital realities springing from the minds of the people who construct these new visions of people, things and experiences.

This is a powerful concept for any artist or graphic artist — creating women as he/she wishes them to be, and not as we are.

More often than not, these image creators are men. I study this trend moreso in pornography — where the woman becomes a vision of anything a man desires — but the logic applies here as well. more