If the Supermodels Are Now 'Fat', Let's Reboot Fashion Brains

Kate Moss for Topshop via View on FashionWord is that the Top Shop kimono has already sold out, but what’s really got people’s attention is Kate Moss’s ‘voluptuous’ body in the Fall 2009 Holiday Top Shop collection.

Post Ralph Lauren Photoshop transformations, former supermodel Cindy Crawford, now 43,  announced this week “I would not have become a supermodel in 2009. I look too healthy.”

Crawford’s deliciously female body “with big breasts, normal thighs and toned upper arms” is no longer what the industry is looking for, she said.

Responding to an unusual amount of interest in this topic, even on my more restrained Anne of Carversvile website, I’m trying to elevate the conversation into a more nuanced conversation about ‘real’ women.

From my perspective:

- Crawford is right. No way would most of the 80s and 90s Supermodels make it today.

- The Supermodels were and continue to be ‘womanly’, even if thin.

- ‘Curves’ as a word has been clamined by the fashion industry to make a size 4-6 woman ‘fat’. All the Supermodels are now technically ‘fat’, according to the latest body image standards.

– When Karl Lagerfels says that no one wants to see a woman with ‘curves’, he only wants women to look like the boys he would date, which denies the totality of female sexuality.

– Airbrushing is the least of our problems. I’m more worried about Artificial Intelligence out of MIT in the future. If Ralph Lauren distorts women’s bodies as we’ve just seen, what about the lack of women working in the future of IA? The Stepford wives will indeed become a reality.

- The progression of the luxury market into the East, which is where it will flourish in the coming years, will stimulate further emphasis on an impossibly thin body image. The Japanese women can’t get thin enough for Lagerfeld.

Eastern women are much more submissive than Western ones, which is why many men love them.  This is totally understandable, depending on your point of view. The porn trends in Japan, for example, rarely show a female as sexual equal. She is always tied up as a fetish object.

- Women must take responsibility for the body image challenge, align ourselves with the men and brands that support us and focus on training our brain’s RAS system to banish these crazy images from our consciousness.

“Mind over matter” is for real. We’re not just damsels in distress, consumption fodder for any and all images of a ‘beautiful woman’, especially when they look like men and have BMI’s that are deadly.

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