Beth Ditto Launches Conde Nast's LOVE Magazine

The new Conde Nast Magazine “Love” has launched with an atypical cover.

Editor-in-Chief Katie Grand assured the public that she would deliver a ‘very curvy’ first issue. In putting Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto on the cover, Grand delivers big-time.

Beth Ditto is everything a woman isn’t supposed to be: gay, beyond voluptuous and seemingly happy with her life, according to Grand.

Ditto calls herself a “fat, feminist lesbian from Arkansas’ and makes music around the underside (but potentially very large) underside of society. “Listen Up” is a gender bending, role playing look into one piece of the real world.

Gossip “Listen Up” (radio edit)

On the subject of the “real world” Ditto blames the predominantly gay male attitudes in the fashion industry for the relentless pursuit of size zero.

Love magazine hits newsstands on February 19. A