Marlies Dekkers Lingerie Empowers A Sexy, Comfortable Confidence In Women

American women spend way too much time talking about the comfort of lingerie, but is our reality. My job is to brainstorm collections that inspire sensuality and feel good against the skin simultaneously.

The first time I wore Marlies|Dekkers lingerie, I was astounded that it was not only seductively sensual in a grownup woman way. It was truly comfortable, down to a sexy thong with grommets across my backside.

Seemingly impossible, but Marlies|Dekkers delivers on every level. She may be the most Sensible & Sensual lingerie designer on Planet Earth.

Marlies accomplishes this feat, creating lingerie from the woman’s point of view. I find her designs genuinely transformational for the woman in the mirror — that’s you and me — ordinary women with normal body challenges.

Marlies consistently talks about empowering women from the inside out, and she succeeds. As I explained to a business client yesterday, a woman’s physique can go from dumpy to hot in 30 seconds, based on the bra she’s wearing.

Dekkers helps us deliver our best to ourselves — you and me — our biggest critics, those relentless inner voices that say we’re never “looking just fabulous, thank you.” There is always something just a little bit wrong. 

Marlies|Dekkers shop at New York’s Plaza HotelConveniently, I’ve been hanging out at the Oak Bar lately, and Marlies|Dekkers has opened her new shop on the other side of the lobby, in New York’s Plaza Hotel. We must grab our martinis and wander over one night soon. Hmmm.