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‘Girl Soldier’ Will Focus on Ugandan Girls Kidnapped & Brutalized as Sex Slaves & Soldiers Aug. 28, 2009

Uma Thurman will play nun who rescues kidnapped African school girls in Uganda

Hollywood film director Will Raee will star Uma Thurman, playing a nun on a rescue mission in “Girl Soldier”, a film about Uganda’s brutal Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), produced by Caspian Pictures.

“The film is incredibly fictionalised in certain areas,” Mr Raee told the BBC’s Network Africa programme.

“But we’re basically telling the story of girls who were abducted and forced into slavery and forced into fighting a rebel war they didn’t want to be a part of.

The director says that Ms Thurman is keen to do the role because of her interest in Africa and her concern about violence against women.

Ugandan women are frequently mutiliated, after being used as sex slaves and soldiers by Uganda’s rebels.“This is a film that had to get made,” Thurman said. “It’s beyond me that in this day and age the exploitation of child soldiers goes virtually unnoticed and unchecked by Western media. via Variety

Caspian Pictures was founded by Raee and Brian Bullock last year with the goal of making socially conscious and commercially viable films with mass audience appeal.

Updated: Jan. 13, 2012: movie is due out July 2012.