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Muslim Woman Seeks Egyptian Presidency NYTimes 6/16/2011

Bothaina Kamel is running for president of Egypt. Abdalla Hassan for The International Herald TribuneBothaina Kamel is a woman of conviction. As a familiar face on Egyptian television, she joined two other women to form  — ‘We Are Watching You’ in colloquial Arabic to monitor elections to parliament.

In 2006, Kamel refused to read newscasts on state television if she believed them to be untrue.  As a result, she took a leave of absence.

For six years, she hosted a popular weekly radio program called “Nighttime Confessions.” Broadcast past midnight, listeners called the program to talk about personal dilemmas and seek advice, bringing up such sensitive topics as sexual abuse, and premarital and extramarital sex. The program was abruptly taken off the airwaves in 1998, accused by a state committee on religion of damaging the reputation of Egypt and its youth.

Six years and one revolution later, the television anchor and activist Bothaina Kamel is the first woman to run for the presidency of Egypt. Her campaign motto is ‘My agenda is Egypt’.

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