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Michelle Obama’s Use of Angry Black Woman Analogy on Gibbs’ Events Isn’t Fair | Natalie Chanin on Southern Cuisine

The Obamas

Anne can’t wait to get her hands on Jodi Kantor’s new book The Obamas, one that will bring peace to her heart. Our unwavering support of the First Lady has remained strong, but Anne did abandon her website devoted to the first lady Michelle-Style.com, as President Obama compromised one issue after another with Republicans,

His capitulation to the Catholic bishops brought her particular pain, as the President made it clear that he would deal away women’s health care rights for his larger goal of getting Obamacare passed. It was during those sad days that Anne’s disillusionment with President Obama became totally clear, although we remain committed to his re-election.

First Lady Special Moves

Michelle Obama, Shakira, Angelina Jolie | Smart Sensuality Girls Club on the Move

America Strenghtens Mutually Adoring Ties with India

Tina Tchen New Chief of Staff

Tina Tchen has replaced Michelle Obama’s long-time friend Susan Sher as her new chief of staff.

Tchen will continue to serve as executive director of the White House Council on Women and Girls Council in her new position. She was deputy assistant to the president and director of the Office of Public Engagement before being tapped for her chief of staff position.

She started working for the president during the 2008 campaign and before that was a partner at the Chicago office of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, according to the White House.

Birthday Girl

 America’s First Lady Michelle Obama got a big surprise Saturday night, when she and the President set off on another date night, just before her 46 b-day today. The Obamas dined at Restaurant Nora, a tony Washington restaurant known for serving organically grown food.

Joining the party festivities were Michelle’s mother Marian Robinson and friends, including Attorney General Eric Holder, White House Adviser Valerie Jarrett and Jocelyn Frye, who is a domestic policy adviser to both the president and first lady. More as photos arrive. via NBC Washington

First Lady Physicality & Fashionability

Michelle Obama | First Lady Fashion Barbie?

What’s Cookin’

Michelle Takes Healthy Eating Challenge to ‘Iron Chef’

Michelle’s First State Dinner

First Lady Gursharan Kaur of India, First Lady Michelle Obama, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India, and President Obama arrived for the state dinner. I had no doubt that we would see First Lady Michelle Obama’s shoulders this evening, but perhaps those advocating “coverup” would be right. I doubt anyone was insulted or considered the First Lady anything other than ravishing in her Naeem Khan strapless gown featuring silver sequins on ghost like fabric.

“He wants to set a tone that’s different,” Vishakha Desai, a dinner guest and the Indian-born president of the Asia Society, said of the president. “Obama’s celebrating not just his African American heritage, but the cultural diversity of America and that’s a powerful message to send. via  NYTimes

First Lady MIchelle Obama with Mrs. Gursharan Kaur, Prime Minister Singh’s wife, in the Yellow Oval Room of the White House.First Lady Fabulosity: Let the Party Begin! 

Michelle Obama Profiles Years 1-2

RedTracker| Forbes Woman writes that Michelle Obama has her brand image nailed perfectly. Forbes recently named the First Lady as their most powerful woman in the world, and last month, CNN placed hr approval rating at 65%, far ahead of her husband’s.

This is no puff piece from Forbes but rather an analysis with lessons for all women on remaking her ‘brand image’ after detractors did everything possible to picture our First Lady as abrasive and unAmerican.

The piece is interesting, in light of America’s Sarah Palin moment. Also, Michelle Obama isn’t running for public office - yet. Hmmm. Not all women will like reading that Michelle Obama presents herself as “the good wife” and emphasizes her softer, supportive side when she is so well-educated, confident and competent.

However, this is America where women, when polled, say they will not elect a female president. It’s two-thirds of American women who believe that God is a ‘he’ and watches our every move.

We can all learn something from reading How To Shine Like Michelle Obama.

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