Diet | Sexual Wellness

Article: Sensual & Superyoung | Sexy, Healthy Diet Foods

Almonds and Nuts Rich in Testosterone-Activating Vitamine E

Asparagus | Eating Your Favorite Phallic Symbol

Avocado Churns Out Range of Sex Hormones

Bananas for Intense Orgasms and Contractions

Beets | Vascular Vitality In and Out of Bed

Berries Plump Up Sexual Organs in Both Sexes

Celery Taps Into Women’s Primal Urges

Chocolate | Daily Dose Libido Booster

Garlic and Ginger Act As Sensual Health Vasodilators

Hot Chilies for Pumping Up Circulation

Oyster Succulence Promotes Testosterone

Salmon and Omega-3s for Peak Sex Hormones

Tomatos | Lycopene-Rich Superfood for Strong Sperm

Vanilla Seduction | Intoxicating, Innocent Arousal

Watermelon’s Natural Viagra Effect