Rebecca Hall Fronts 'The Good Right' In Billy Kidd Snaps For 'The Edit' Sept. 29, 2016

Actor Rebecca Hall is styled by Tracy Taylor in bomber jackets to camo coats and military cover-ups in 'The Good Fight' . Photographer Billy Kidd captures Rebecca for The Edit Magazine September 29, 2016./ Hair by Ashley Javier; makeup by Alice Lane

Hall admits in her Edit interview that she just joined Instagram and -- if the truth be told -- she already feels conflicted. Committed to small, quality roles (a big one is great, too), the actor is grappling with being sent shoes with the expectation that she will post them. Not that she is against supporting emerging designers. 

So conflicted was Hall, that she sent herself a memo to clarify her thinking. "This is embarrassing," she says, "but I'm going to have to bring it out.” There, on her iPhone Notes, under the password for her air-conditioning system, is the following: “As a public person, to some degree there is a relationship between the world and your image. And when you’re in control of it you’re an artist. But when it’s dictated by the market you’re a product, and that requires constant vigilance.

”To be fair, she also has the following note: “If you don’t like my peaches, don’t shake my tree.” This one has us roaring with laughter.