Bravo To Fox Harvard And ‘L’été’ June 2013 With Jessica Sikosek & Mary Reschar

 Shot on location in Tampa at the “abandoned, but soon to be restored 1926 YMCA building”, editorial ‘L’été’ captured my attention this morning. Fox Harvard speaks my sensual language in this “rustically romantic roman à clef of models Jessica Sikosek and Mary Reschar”. Styled in gossamer looks by the designer Kim Hendrix, this fashion vision “blends the demure with the dilapidated, refined with rachitic (OK, you just sent me to the dictionary and rickets); yielding an entrancing depiction of unabashed opulence, against a backdrop of rough austerity. The two young sirens vacillate effortlessly between gritty and glam in a series that will subtly stay with you.”

First published on The Libertine, she writes that her editorials are “free of text, headers and other noise.” I think that comment references people like me with something to say. Hey, I would compromise my position, too, for this magnificent Fox Harvard editorial ‘L’été’ . Bravo all around! It’s on its way to the Stellar & Orgasmic Pinterest board.  ~ Anne

Fox Harvard photography.

For those of you who have noted our No Submissions policy and my ongoing discussion of the pros and cons of my relationships with male photographers (females handle me very differently), I prefer to operate this way as a “free agent”. AOC doesn’t need to be first or exclusive. We want to be free, unencumbered and honest in our posts.

I’ll also take a moment to welcome another new, young writer out of London Ceylan Kumbarji to AOC. Ceylan is represented by Creative Media Management. She will be posting fashion eds along with Nomi Leisure and myself but also writing thought pieces with words like ‘rachitic’ tossed in for good color. Rather precocious I would say, Ceylan first established herself at 15 as a childrens’ comedy writer. Her first original series was optioned by a major American Studio. Ceylan is a long-time AOC reader who reached out to me about writing for our honest, maverick “fashion to flogging” platform, which she loves. I’m thrilled to have her onboard.


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