Old Becomes New in "The Spatial Elegies of Massimo Listri"

Many of Massimo Listri interior images are those that anyone that has any slight knowledge of art have seen time and time before. However something about his perspective behind the camera draws your attention.

The colors seem more effervescent in each shot; the old world interior seems to become new again.The use of natural light is apparent in most of his shots. Massimo Listri is quoted speaking about it saying The secret is in the light which highlights the details. That’s why I definitely prefer to use natural light when possible.” 

I would have to agree natural light is eye-grasping in these photos and reminds me of a night at le Louvre museum in Paris. Strolling through the museum, I peered down into a ‘graveyard’ of classical statuary, many of them in helter skelter ruins as if an earthquake had struck.

This was no sad state of affairs, however. Modern blue strobe lights spun over the decay, to the sounds of modern jazz. I remember smiling and saying to myself “I love you, Paris.” ~ Anne


via vsu