J'Adore: Ships Passing At Dawn; the QE2 Says Hello Before Goodbye

I missed her this morning … the venerable matriarch Q.E. 2 slipping into New York Harbor, performing a curtsy with her four-year-old sister ship Queen Mary 2 at the Statue of Liberty, before drifting uptown to Pier 90 at 53rd Street.

Dead to the world after yesterday’s 2am wakeup, I didn’t hear her shrill blasts from three Tyfon whistles. I was working at 6am, so she must have been a very early tooter this morning, or I was in the kitchen.

Here you go … this is another video on YouTube, to create the experience for you!!! See me waving??

For my new readers, I live in a lovely perch 19 floors above the water but set back two blocks, so I also see the southern Manhattan cityscape. My architectural perspective is one in which I don’t see the water line meeting land.

Sitting in bed drinking French Roast, the waters lap and frolic as if suspended in space somehow.

I always feel like Peter Pan up here … as if I could just drift out the window and land (softly, of course) in the water.

It’s a dull, dreary day and I’m waiting for my turbo modem to arrive. I’ll get out the camera in hopes of capturing a shot of the QE2, as she saiis out into the Atlantic for the final time.

Not to worry, our Queen is not going to the junkyard. Rather, she’s off … where else, but to Dubai … to become a floating hotel, residing at the Las Vegas of the Middle East, Palm Jemeirah … the world’s largest man-made island and beach resort. 

OK, camera. Let’s see if I can pull this off … an AnneofCarversville wave goodbye to the QE2.



PS: The NYTimes article tipped me off to the QE2 and also references a terrific blog Peter Knego’s Sea Treks

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