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Keira Knightley On Feminism For Harper's Bazaar UK Feb 2014 By Alexi Lubomirski

Keira Knightley covers Harper’s Bazaar UK’s February issue, wearing looks from Chanel’s spring-summer 2014 collection. Keira, who is lensed by Alexi Lubomirski, chats up a number of topics with Bazaar’s Sophie Elmhirst. At the top of the list: feminism.

I think it’s great that the discussions are finally being allowed to be had [about feminism], as opposed to anybody mentioning feminism and everybody going, ‘Oh, f***ing shut up,’” says Keira.  ”Somehow, it [feminism] became a dirty word. I thought it was really weird for a long time, and I think it’s great that we’re coming out of that.


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Anne's Sensual Apples Are Good for Body, Soul & Women's Rights Politics

Clara Alonso bites into the apple of sensuality — a green one — in this Chis Colls editorial for Elle Vietnam. Determining now that this is a Spring 2012 editorial, perhaps April, (grrrrh) we stick with it to promote the healthy eating of apples and taking a bite of sensuality regularly.

See the perfect pitch apple eating video and images ‘The Virgin Bride’ for Stone Cold Fox’s spring 2013 colelction.

In a landmark decision for AOC, I decided to put a compendium of Treats! editorials and my writing on sensuality on AOC’s front page salon. If AOC is banned in the Arab world and now in many workplaces in America because we DO filter any questionable images, instead of just throwing them out there as so many others do, we just aren’t all that reliant on Google any more.

People are shaking their head that AOC would be banned. Sensuality News we understand, of course. This is why I separated the websites in the first place when 40 images got 40,000 wiped out of Google image search for 120 days. That was my 2010 nightmare. I got cute one day and began writing about food porn. DISASTER struck!

Guilty By Association

If AOC is still guilty by association — which is frankly the story of my life — fine. We’ve built a fantastic website and large roster of devoted readers without Google’s help. It just irks me to see people not playing by the rules not quarantined. It’s a bit like not paying your taxes and laughing all the way to the bank.

Nothing will change with my new attitude re Google, because my work in philanthropy and women’s rights is exploding with our new GlamTribale jewelry collection. Discretion is required of me when dealing with international women’s rights, although most know quickly and admire my maverick status. My friends in the Arab world say “don’t let up, Anne. Let us worry about the issues on the ground here.”

You will find me writing much more aggressively about sexuality again, and taking an occasional daring plunge with a raised middle finger status as I did putting a huge number of Treats! editorials on the front page of AOC and then tying them to my in-depth writing on female sexuality.

Authenticity Is Our Top Priority

That action is asking to be burned at the stake by social conservatives — except they spend far more time on Treats! material than progressives like my readers do, given their propensity to buy more pornography while wagging their fingers at the rest of us. It takes one to know one.

Authenticity is priority #1 at AOC. We will walk our talk this year as never before, with the arrival of several new writers and expanding plans for GlamTribale. Happy New Year to ALL our friends!!  As I always say, fasten your seat belts because I like driving fast. ~ Anne


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Bye Bye to, Karen Teegarden & Anita Doll Fiouris

Marilyn Minter | Making Waves: Modern Aphrodites #1-1 Anne of Carversville

It’s true that Maybelline’s new Popsticks campaign made me search for Marilyn Minter’ images just now. It’s a typical Anne, crazy-quilt route to taking a cleansing breath on the last three months, when I gave myself without conservation or limits to a new organization for women creating April 28 rallies all over America.

Walking Away from

Simmering inside me is something more relevant, a confrontation with myself and feminism which I embrace more fervently than ever. My furor over all the internal strife at has abated, and I woke up invigorated and ready to rumble.

I adore Marilyn Minter because her images are provocative, strong, raw examples of female sensuality and also beauty abuse — the conflict women experience on the road to authenticity and answers to the question: “Who am I?”

The cause I’ve devoted myself to over the last 90 days plans to construct an organizational structure more repressive and less representative then Komen was before the furor over Planned Parenthood. is dead and buried now in my heart, a funeral leaving me with spectacular new connections and relationships that envision a less-patriarchal way of channeling women’s talents.

My sense of self is renewed.  This woman Anne — battered and begrudged by other women who are looters of female souls, spirits, emotions and hard work in the name of women’s rights — woke up in such a positive dreamstate.

The incessant organizational battles are over, the closed group spies are gone. My little boat has sailed into harbor with the same calm I experienced sleeping in Ithaca. I am as invigorated and connected as I was dreaming vividly, moored in the Ionian sea.

This is just what the social conservatives what to happen — this conflict among women. But when an organization is as inept as and totally willing to squander its precious resources, it’s time to take a hike, just as Nancy Sinatra suggested decades ago in “These Boots Are Made for Walking”.

Marilyn Minter | climber 2005My experience with is that they are no different than the Catholic bishops. Karen Teegarden and her co-optimist Anita Doll Fiouris want to create another authoritarian, top-down command center that keeps women in line.

These so-called marketing experts had no plans for elections of leaders, even at a state level. The duo, with three other accomplices, would choose the state leaders. There would be no presentation of talents and portfolios, many of them well-known already.

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Facing Catholic Bishops, Women Must Stand Tall For Our Rights

Masha Novoselova | Miguel Reveriego | ‘Sister Act | Vogue Germany April 2008

The April 28 events are over. About 50,000 women and men gathered around America to stand for women’s rights. My leadership role in the PA rally caused a bit of a breakdown here at Anne of Carversville.

Sensual Rebel went quiet but not because I was silent. The experience cost us some new readers with our daily posts dropping 15-20%, but my voice developed in other important ways. Returning to Sensual Rebel for the first time in weeks, I share my April 28 thoughts — just a little late — unlike my dear friend Lisa Catherine Brown, who got it together better than I did.

From the Unite Against the War on Women Rally in Harrisburg, PA April 28, 2012


When I was sexually assaulted at age 15, the worst part wasn’t the sordid violence against my body and spirit or the terror that his 6-year-old daughter sleeping next to me, would wake up to a memory she might never forget.

The worst part of my sexual assault was being dragged to face my attacker in the presence of Father Ben, his good friend and glass of port buddy. I begged not to go, sobbing on the floor of my aunt’s kitchen until she told me I had no choice but to stand up and get it over with.

I soldiered off to face the man who destroyed my innocence, a liar who flung his arms open wide, fell to the floor and cried “Why me, why me?” 10 years later he was run out of town, when a strong-voiced, napping older woman woke up to find him in her bed instead of delivering her furniture. You note that I didn’t say the sexual predator was arrested.

My scars from that sexual assault lasted years, but not because of my attacker. The day after swearing on Father Ben’s bible, that I was telling the truth, I found myself next to my attacker at the communion rail. After Father Ben shared the body of Christ with this perverted man, he paused in front of my outstretched tongue and Corbett-style closed eyes, and then moved on. leaving this Rush Limbaugh slut girl shamed for decades.

It wasn’t 21st century secularism or feminism that destroyed my relationship with the Catholic Church. It was one of their own – the so-called moral leaders of women – that hung a scarlet letter of guilt around my spirit. I wore it for decades until one day I ripped the metaphorical duct tape from my voice, saying to the morality police that I am silent no more.


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Preview Muse December 2011 | Futureshock Was in 1968 and Died

We’ve yet to be truly disappointed in an issue of Muse Magazine, an art and style inspiration source that keeps on giving. The December 2011 edition of Muse escalates the magazine’s embrace of women’s identity with two very opposite covers featuring a super modern Alessandra Ambrosio captured by Chad Pitman and traditional girl Lindsay Wixson captured by Will Davidson.

This preview including Ambrosio, Wixson, Anna Selezneva by Steven Pan, Emily Baker by Tom Allen, Kendra Spears by Mariano Vivanco, and Maryna Linchuk by Matt Irwin resonates to an older woman like myself because we’ve been there before — not only stylistically but intellectually.

It isn’t just the photography — especially Alessandra in Future Shock — that stirs memories of the years when American Vogue put tasteful nudity in its pages and women were headed for the moon. Alessandra’s editorial and Maryna’s too reminds me of what hasn’t changed for most women in the world — the Scandinavians and New Zealand women excepted. 

Living in a country where our right to birth control is under assault in some states, the visuals remind us that women may be muses, but our emancipation is so threatening to social systems, power structures and masculinity in general, that massive forces both political and religious are mobilized to insure that we remain more like Lindsay.

The NYTimes notes this morning that movies are exploring the notion of American masculinity in the past and today. Men are in an existential crises, writes Melena Ryzik. At least one American woman is in an existential crisis of her own about masculinity — and that would be me.

There are moments when I feel my own existential angst living in a country where one is anti-American for rejecting creationism. Yesterday a FB friend from Australia responded to by commentary about American women and anti-depressants with a discussion on transhumanism.

What an intelligent word and a concept I believe in, a discussion of evolution that thrived ‘back in the day’.  And also what a threatening word — more so than I ever imagined as a student of intellect and science.

Gender relations are on the move again … and where we’re going this time, nobody knows. It’s truly amazing what a deep reflection a Muse magazine cover can prompt while drinking my morning French Roast. But then images — especially ones the caliber of Muse — always trigger psychological and emotional responses, that sometimes nasty visceral reflex, that repulses us while others inspire and motivate. Anne

Alessandra Ambrosio by Chad Pitman

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Ellen Gayda: Submission Is Rarely A Healthy Woman Gift to Men

Updated on Sun, December 11, 2011 by Registered CommenterAnne

Taryn Andreatta On Artistic Nudity, the Female Body, Feminism & Divinity AOC Sensual Rebel

by Philadelphia Body Psychotherapist Ellen Gayda

Hi Anne,

I have spent time reviewing all the correspondence over last month that was posted on AOC, between you and Taryn, based on her photographs and commentary on ‘The Offering’.

Ah! such a slippery slope that has no hard edges to grab onto, especially when one has to really reflect on one’s personal position, inside and outside of the bedroom, on healthy feminine expression. I think, it is important to state my own prejudice upfront: the photos that reflect her kneeling, the empty look, the feminine bondage are not really positive messages that support female dignity here or abroad. They stimulate old world machismo that thrives on harnessing women’s power as a sport, craft or entitlement.

Let’s move off the photographs and for discussion sake, focus on the Taryn comments that created such a feminist reaction, equating an allegedly natural state of submissiveness with women’s nurturing impulse. Arguing that woman’s natural state is to be submissive, she contrasts femaleness to the stronger male counterpart which is dominance and behavior as alleged protector of females and children.

I would say that she is mixing up two different impulses. Women being subordinate to the stronger energy of men, other than arguably physically so, is not a natural experience but a learned one.

Healthy Women Embrace Inner Strength

In a healthy society where men respect women and women are positive role models to one another, a woman is encouraged to embrace her own sensual, chaotic creative power and then learn to harness it responsibly. She discovers she carries a wild force of nature within her that is so potent that she is even capable of co-creation.

Roman sculpture depicting Achilles battling an Amazon woman warrior. Via

Of course, she learns through the magnetic attraction to her polarized counterpart that her experience of self is heightened.  If not taught well with an evolved sense of self, she could give over her power to a man. If women haven’t tapped into their own creative energies before they meet their counterpart, then they often attribute the excitement and power of the experience to their lover, rather than the combined forces of both.

If this happens, a woman can easily become submissive to her perceived better half and forget her own essential self. This kind of recommended female offering of self creates suspicion and concern among feminists, especially when it’s essentially the same description of women’s roles advocated by today’s religious fundamentalists worldwide and including America.

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Repressive Societies Prioritize Controlling Women's Reproduction

Steven Conn, a writer for the History News Service, is an associate professor in the history department at Ohio State University.  He wrote this essay in July 2007 for the History News Service. You can read more about Steven Conn on his web page at Ohio State.

For the last several years, the United States has depicted the battle against terrorism as a contest pitting free societies against those who would impose Islamic rule on the world. But across the globe right now the epochal struggle is not between Islam and the West, but between those societies in which women are free and those in which they are repressed.

Women’s lives are controlled in those nations observing some form of Islamic law. The Taliban first came to the world’s horrified attention with reports of the beatings, stonings and summary executions of women who were held to have violated Islamic law. Throughout the Islamic world women are not permitted to move freely in public, are denied full access to educational and economic life and are barred from voting. In Saudi Arabia — our ally in the fight against terrorism — women are even forbidden to drive cars.

Social and political control over women’s bodies, however, extends well beyond the Islamic world. In many African societies women are forced to have their genitals mutilated. Rape has routinely been used as an instrument of war from Bosnia to Darfur. The trafficking of women in sexual slavery is now endemic across much of Eastern Europe and Asia, but has generated only a tepid response from governments in those regions.

In the developing world, it has been a truism for a generation that the surest indicators of a country’s social and economic progress are the educational levels of its women and women’s ability to limit their pregnancies. Put crudely, as education for women goes up and family size goes down, societies prosper. In the Catholic third world, women are denied access to birth control as a matter of law. In El Salvador, women and doctors are jailed for having illegal abortions. No coincidence that many of these places have stagnating economies.

During the 20th century, the control of women’s reproductive lives marked the most despicable regimes. Among the first things the Nazis did upon seizing power in 1933 was to outlaw abortion. Family planning centers were closed, access to contraception made increasingly difficult and abortion criminalized. By 1943 the Nazis made abortion a capital offense punishable by the death penalty. Stalin too outlawed abortion in 1936, and both dictators clearly saw control of women’s reproduction as a part of the larger apparatus of state control and repression.

States that are repressive enough to control women’s contraceptive options are just as likely to control other aspects of childbearing. The Romanian despot Nicolae Ceausescu made contraception illegal in 1966 for any woman who had fewer than five children. Not satisfied with that, 20 years later, in 1986, he created a monitoring system for all pregnant women, and miscarriages became subject to a criminal investigation. These acts forced women to have children whether they wanted to or not, and 200,000 of those children wound up in those infamous orphanages. Just as tyrannically, China, which limits family size by law, has long been accused of coercing women to have abortions and be sterilized.

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