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Robert Pattinson Dior Homme Commercial Fall 2013

Complex panned Robert Pattinson’s performance in Nan Goldin’s Dior Homme with Camille Rowe, saying “it’s just a sad-faced Pattinson in great photos of New York.” The critique by Andrew Lasane seems not entirely accurate, within the goals of Dior in creating the marketing message around their man.

For starters, more than half of men’s fragrances are bought by women as gifts. It’s safe to assume that the Dior Homme man probably refills his own cabinet, regardless of the ad campaign. And might it be possible that the Dior Homme man rather likes this image of himself, as it plays with women?

As Grazia Beauty writes: Mr Dior has evolved into a ‘vivid and potent’ man who invents a new way of being ‘male’. The accompanying campaign images are shot mainly in black and white by photographer Romain Gavras. Dior calls the images ‘new, wild and free’ with Pattinson looking ‘adamant and sexy.’ The vibe is inspired by Marlon Brando, James Dean, Paul Newman says Dior — all rebellious men.

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Greg Kadel & Irving Penn: Two Men In Pursuit of Nude, Real Women

Models Heloise Guerin, Rianne Ten Haken and Gracie Carvalho are body beautiful in Greg Kadel’s ‘Curls Gone Wild’ beauty editorial for Allure Magazine’s February issue. Paul Cavaco styles the trio in jewelry and skin, producing a beauty effect that is sensitive, sensual and — for me — introspective.

I remember seeing the ‘Earthly Bodies’ exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum and finding it disruptive. These Penn bodies weren’t ‘perfect bodies’ to me, a woman who has been buried in photoshop visions of womanly perfecton for 25 years.  Intellectually, I know the stupidity of my responses to nudes like Penn’s women. Emotionally, I am ambivalent. 

Irving Penn’s Earth Goddesses

ArtNews reflected on ‘Earthly Bodies’, writing When Irving Penn Shot Real Women:

Although he had access to the best facilities and fine assistants at Vogue, he still yearned for authentic qualities—for bodies that had not been dieted, painted, directed, or styled for the printed page. Following his impulses, he hired a heavy-set model who was willing to pose nude and photographed her in a truncated corner flat he had built—a shallow chamber a little like a rudimentary stage set that served to focus his subjects and limit the arena of the picture.

Resting her bulk on a cube-shaped block, her arms tucked behind her back, the woman is a compact mass. The rounded forms of her breasts, belly, and thighs, laved in soft light, have such lithic weight and texture that she becomes an archaic fertility goddess existing outside time. The photograph, which he later titled Nude No. 1, so strongly resembles the famous Venus of Willendorf that Penn presumes he had been struck by that image. Yet he was not consciously reverting to a primitive form but was reaching for forms that carried a positive charge for him and responded to his plastic needs as an artist.

This terrain is psychologically complex for women, In my own case, seeing ‘Earthly Bodies’ sent me directly to the gym in an attempt to come to grips with the woman in the mirror. It was one of my most important journeys ever, one that made me a believer in exercise and healthy eating. 

I could appreciate the beauty and sensuality of Penn’s images, but these were not bodily visions that I claimed for myself. Nor did I ever seek it’s opposite, the body of a BMI 18 woman. For myself I sought the middle, the curvaceous, well-toned middle road. 

Two powerful arbiters of beauty and taste — photographer Edward Steichen and Alexander Liberman of Vogue found Penn’s images highly problematic.  Let me say that Penn’s ‘Earthly Bodies’ nudes had great appeal to me as symbols of the ancient Goddess Gaia, or mother earth. But as physical archetypes for myself — I found them unsettling. 

The Rarefied World of Models

‘Earthly Bodies’ came to mind yesterday, posting Annie Leibovitz’s ‘Stormtroppers’, Vogue’s February tribute to New Yorkers who performed at peak capabilities during Hurricane Sandy. Seeing Karlie Kloss standing like an interloper among emergency care (mostly) women — nurses who saved those little babies by breathing air into their mouths while carrying them down stairs with no electicity in the building — reminded me of what Penn was feeling, as he fled his Vogue studio to Haiti, then back to Manhattan in search of ‘real women’, his ‘Earthly Bodies’. 

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Anne's Sensual Apples Are Good for Body, Soul & Women's Rights Politics

Clara Alonso bites into the apple of sensuality — a green one — in this Chis Colls editorial for Elle Vietnam. Determining now that this is a Spring 2012 editorial, perhaps April, (grrrrh) we stick with it to promote the healthy eating of apples and taking a bite of sensuality regularly.

See the perfect pitch apple eating video and images ‘The Virgin Bride’ for Stone Cold Fox’s spring 2013 colelction.

In a landmark decision for AOC, I decided to put a compendium of Treats! editorials and my writing on sensuality on AOC’s front page salon. If AOC is banned in the Arab world and now in many workplaces in America because we DO filter any questionable images, instead of just throwing them out there as so many others do, we just aren’t all that reliant on Google any more.

People are shaking their head that AOC would be banned. Sensuality News we understand, of course. This is why I separated the websites in the first place when 40 images got 40,000 wiped out of Google image search for 120 days. That was my 2010 nightmare. I got cute one day and began writing about food porn. DISASTER struck!

Guilty By Association

If AOC is still guilty by association — which is frankly the story of my life — fine. We’ve built a fantastic website and large roster of devoted readers without Google’s help. It just irks me to see people not playing by the rules not quarantined. It’s a bit like not paying your taxes and laughing all the way to the bank.

Nothing will change with my new attitude re Google, because my work in philanthropy and women’s rights is exploding with our new GlamTribale jewelry collection. Discretion is required of me when dealing with international women’s rights, although most know quickly and admire my maverick status. My friends in the Arab world say “don’t let up, Anne. Let us worry about the issues on the ground here.”

You will find me writing much more aggressively about sexuality again, and taking an occasional daring plunge with a raised middle finger status as I did putting a huge number of Treats! editorials on the front page of AOC and then tying them to my in-depth writing on female sexuality.

Authenticity Is Our Top Priority

That action is asking to be burned at the stake by social conservatives — except they spend far more time on Treats! material than progressives like my readers do, given their propensity to buy more pornography while wagging their fingers at the rest of us. It takes one to know one.

Authenticity is priority #1 at AOC. We will walk our talk this year as never before, with the arrival of several new writers and expanding plans for GlamTribale. Happy New Year to ALL our friends!!  As I always say, fasten your seat belts because I like driving fast. ~ Anne


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2013 Is A Year Of Revelation & Artistic Rejuvenation for Anne

‘Black Dahlia by photographer Khoa Bui

2013 is upon us and I’m wondering what to do next. One can make New Year’s resolutions and fall off the wagon quickly. But even when one is resolute, keeping promises may be out of one’s hands.

I’m almost embarassed by the post I wrote for New Year’s 2012 focused on my new friendship with a brother in the Catholic Church. Problem is that when a group of potential investors read about the brother’s connection with Anne — aka Jezebel the Harlot — all hell broke loose.

My entire month of January was torturous, as Easemine board members resigned over me — the person who stood to help them the most. Brother Dennis took me down a path that I resisted strongly at first, reminding him that the Catholic Church and I are no perfect match.

“I’ll protect you,” he assured me repeatedly. Instead, he was sobbing in a state of total collapse on the other end of my phone.

“Are you ill?” I asked him between his heaves of emotion. Then, having a light bulb moment after a month of playing defense with the finger-waggers, I said “Is it me?”

Agreeing to cut all his public ties to me — because the good brother had to, after all, to build his charity — Easemine now appears to be out of business. I guess the money guys didn’t step up to the plate after all, even after creating one of the most sorrowful months in my life in decades.

‘Opus in Red’ by Kate Scott

Talk Is Cheap

Reflecting now on 2013, as the world’s women swim in the seismic waves of ‘50 Shades of Grey’, I want to tell them that sexual fantasy is splendid and should be kept separate from the real deals of everyday living and broken promises. Submission really isn’t as tasty as it sounds in the paddling embrace of Christian Grey.

If I struck out with my 2012 resolution to build a meaningful relationship with the Catholic Church — a joke in our post Nuns on the Bus America — what can I do for 2013.

Write, damn it!

365 Days of Sensual Rebel Sex Talk

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Eye: My Fav Dorian Wolf Sensual Photographs

Dorian Wolf’s Pure Artistry Images of Kristina Zelenko AOC FP Salon

Will the male and female minds forever run on separate tracks? Perhaps until the end of time. I stopped by Dorian Wolf’s website after we posted his sublime (to use one of his words) images of Kristina Zelenko last week.

I can report that not one of the images I find to be very sensual are in his Sensuality portfolio. It should properly be titled Girls, Girls, Girls and don’t everyone run right over there because they all have their clothes on.

Upon reflection, it’s important to note that Dorian Wolf is not a writer but a photographer — and a promising talent at that if he keeps making images like the ones of Kristina Zelenko — or other my sensual favorites here.

I’m bereft to find only one image like the skull below — a photo I adore. What a memorable sensuality and the devil editorial it could anchor. ~ Anne


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Terry Richardson Fizzes With Pop Water, Scott Stringer & David Webb 

My least favorite photographer Terry Richardson does get around. The 47-year-old photographer posted a snap of the Mr. Thumbs up with Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. They do look like the Odd Couple, and Mr. Stringer might not be so thrilled at his Google Image search file when Terry gets gone with him.

You would think Stringer’s press secretary would know better. But that’s just the connection. Richardson is bedding Stringer’s press person, 25-year-old Audrey Gelman. I’m all for promoting the careers of ambitious young women but whoa!

Richardson is busy with a new venture Pop Water fizzy drinks, funded by pal Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter. The new beverage will be marketed as a healthier alternative to sugary soft drinks — an 11.2 oz can will contain 30 calories and 7 grams of sugar. Initial flavors will include apple, orange, pineapple and grape.

I’m not the only one to suggest that Kate Upton never let Terry Richardson near her again with a camera. When you take a look at Kate in Steven Meisel’s new editorial for Vogue Italia, you understand that those of us who question Richardson’s lens skills are just pulling white rabbits out of the hat.

It isn’t just that Terry Richardson is a true grit pornographer at heart. It’s that he can’t transition into beneath the surface sensuality and eroticism. He doesn’t feel the sensual intimacy vibe and can’t express it visually in women — ever. 

Meisel, on the other hand, and Miguel Reveriego in the July issue of Vogue Spain capture Upton’s inner femme.

Below is a belated post of Eniko Mihalik and Richardson appearing together in David Webb’s fall campaign. Richardson shot the campaign with styling by Lori Goldstein in New York City.


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Emmanuelle Alt's Vogue Paris Gap Ad With Stephanie Seymour, Daria Werbowy, and Lauren Hutton

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Emmanuelle Alt, editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris. The November 2012 issue is covered by Daria Werbowy, Stephanie Seymour and Lauren Hutton, lensed by Inez & Vinoodh. All of us can be excused for believing it’s a Gap ad.

American Vogue, yes as part of their ‘Beauty at Every Age’ issue. Marie Claire, yes.

Vogue Paris? Call me speechless! Give me Inez de la Fressange in her knickers! French women have something to teach American women, but with Alt herself being asexual, she fails to see the powerful influence she could have on the world — just being a French woman.

Note that I’m not endorsing France’s ‘Libertinage’, the exclusive, lavish sex orgies with plenty of champagne flowing. Dominique Strauss-Kahn admits in yesterday’s New York Times that his sex life was out of step with French social mores.

Now that Carine Roitfeld is headed to Harper’s Bazaar in a role as ‘global fashion director’ that has yet to unfold, the contrast between the two talents — and I use the word loosely with Alt — will become even more apparent. ~ Anne

Ines de la Fressange | 53, French Chic & Divinely Delicious AOC Body

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