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Is The Mother Denim Collaboration With Mothers2Mothers For Real? Only An Angel Knows The Answer

Victoria’s Secret Superangel Candice Swanepoel follows in the footsteps of Toni Garrn in a new denim collaboration that speaks to Smart Sensuality women and our values: smart, sexy and having great heart.

Candice has teamed up with LA Mother Denim on a range of seven denim styles created to support mothers2mothers, a South African organization that works to help prevent HIV transmission from mothers to their babies. Candice’s images are shot by Victoria’s Secret photographer Russell James, a long-time supporter of important causes that support poor women and also the culture of indiginous peoples with his super well-organized NOMAD Two Worlds project.

I assume this is all legit but there is no mention of the mothers2mothers project on the Mother Denim website, although these Candice Swanepoel photos are on the landing page.

On the Mothers2Mothers website, there is no mention of the project under Latest News or elsewhere on the website. Note that designer Victoria Beckham — whose life was changed forever by her trip to Africa — did make her second visit to m2m in November. In August, Beckham auctioned over 600 items from her closet to support the charity.

There is no press release about the Mother Denim collaboration, not a m2m blog mention. Mum is the word, and on the face of it — the Candice Swanepoel/Mother Denim collaboration is no match for the professionalism of the Toni Garrn for Closed Denim Jeans #youandmegirl Campaign in Burkina Faso. Neither is it a match for the Russell James NOMAD Two World project.

A brand — and this includes me with the reboot of my GlamTribale jewlry and gift collection after the death and disorganization associated with my business partner — must be very careful NOT to use the predispositions of Smart Sensuality people to support brands involved in activism and global engagement in a hype-driven, self-serving way.

I would advise Mother Denim to get their act together pronto on the specifics of their support of Mothers2Mothers, an organization that appears to have excellent credentials in the business of helping South African women. Pick up the phone Candice. It’s time to raise your voice. 

Anne of Carversville is not a blog/website that just promotes people and causes based on a press release or Instagram post. Unlike other fashion blogs, we do our homework before advising our readers to support a project. ~ Anne


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Alessandra Ambrosio By Russell James for Nomad Two Worlds

Victoria’s Secret man behind the lens, global art activist and friend to high-powered women like Barbara Streisand and Donna Karan photographer, Russell James shares a non-angelic photo of Alessandra Ambrosio in culturally relevant caves and a traditional Chumash Indian village for Russell’s Nomad Two Worlds project.

Created by world renowned photographer Russell James, NOMAD TWO WORLDS began as a collaborative art project with Indigenous artists. In the last decade it has evolved from James’ individual attempt to understand the clash of ancient and modern cultures he witnessed growing up in Australia to what it is today - a powerful expression of partnership, reconciliation, and economic opportunity in action through art, music and film that has become a global example of true collaboration across deep cultural divides.

One hopes that Alessandra’s images will be published in a new Nomad book in the style of last September’s. As for Russell James’ V2, he produced some of the most sensually divine images of primarily Victoria’s Secret models that I’ve seen in a long while. 

On that note, I see that James has a new book coming out in March titled ‘Around the House with Candice Swanepoel’.

Enjoy Alessandra’s video from her shoot with Russell. After that — one of my favorite Victoria’s Secret ‘blue mood’ shoots of Adriana Lima. Pure gorgeosity! ~ Anne


Adriana Lima | Victoria’s Secret Angel in Venice Perhaps?


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Tops Maxim 100 List

X-posted at Sensuality News | Victoria’s Secret Women

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been named the ‘Hottest Woman on Earth’, topping the Maxim 100 list.

Watching the Maxim video is a double treat, hearing one of my most favorite photographers Russell James sing Rosie’s praises. Both Rosie and Russell are so unaffected inspite of their fame.

Victoria’s Secret has been on a role this spring with strong sales increases and beautiful attitude photography and product. The testosterone level is definitely lowered to Russell James level, even when Transformer director Michael Bay is behind the camera.

See below for lots more from Rosie and Russell. The Greg Williams Rosie video for Agent Provocateur is one of my very favorite lingerie films. Talk about Rosie setting the record straight!

These images are of Rosie at the Alexander McQueen gala at the Met Monday night. Congrats Rosie! Anne

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Will Carine Roitfeld Use Candice Swanepoel For An Angels Shootout In Vogue Paris?

Buzz is that Carine Roitfeld had an ulterior motive at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last week, although she’s a regular for years.

The Imagist reports that Roitfeld has in mind a very sexy photo shoot by Inez and Vinoodh for Vogue Paris, with at least three Angels — past and present — in the mix. 

Candice Swanepoel getting winged-up by the VS body armor guys Reviewing our top read back stage Victoria’s Secret fashion show images from Daniella Rech, we think that Roitfeld should use Candice Swanepoel, who looks like she has a far better time being a true bad girl, than a good one at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. 

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Dear Victoria's Secret | Forget Diamond Bras | We Need 'Runaway' Phoenix Wings 

Dear alma mater. I do love you so, Victoria’s Secret, even though I offer constructive criticism at times.

It’s no secret that I didn’t like the Angels idea. I felt our lingerie brand was a beacon of positive sensuality, one that American women trusted to help them through the muddy morass of American morality and mixed messages about sexuality.

I wanted American women to star as angels and devils, too, on their own home stage, leading them quietly to a place of sensual confidence expressed by Brazilian women, or French and Italian ones. Swedes and Danish beauties come to my mind also as women who embrace their sensual selves without a lot of doubt. 

Missionary Mission In American Sexuality

We had the opportunity to do sensual missionary work with American women, the ones who made their husbands and boyfriends stand in line at shopping center for hours for Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

Instead, my dear friend, you went Las Vegas, choosing extravaganza over sensual substance. I agree the strategy makes for good theater, and nobody does it better than you.

My feelings aren’t hurt that you wouldn’t listen to me about the Angels. This situation arises in American business all the time. Now I feel that I must write you directly, because you are surrounded by talented people sending you the trend-forward message about female sexuality and Smart Sensuality values for tomorrow’s woman.

Las Vegas is so over. Forgive me, but this is not an example of Adriana Lima in silver screen glamour. You might as well have delivered her in a Hummer.

Russell James V2 Erotic Art Photography

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