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Tank's Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello Capture Women's Sensual Ambivalence

Masha Novoselova | Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello | Tank Magazine Spring 2010

Just had one of those ‘six degrees of separation’ moments, going back into the archives for this beautiful Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello editorial.

My entire career, I’ve pleaded for a higher consciousness on female sexuality. Of all the ‘enemies’ I didn’t intend to fight in life, I now find myself up against the wall — not from the Republican Right, which I expect — but from the daughters of America’s feminists.

Last Thursday night I went to hear Erica Jong talk about her new book ‘Sugar in My Bowl’. On the panel were two younger women contributors to her book — which in not about ‘Sugar in My Bowl’. Erica opened the evening saying that she preferred the original Bessie Smith version of:

‘Need A Little Sugar in My Bowl’

and not the dramatically cleaned-up version by Nina Simone

In reality, Erica Jong delivered an equally antiseptic version of her stature as a feminist icon and writer last Thursday night. Erica’s two panelists Julie Klam and Karen Abbott who contributed essays to Jong’s new book ‘Sugar in My Bowl’ appeared positively uneasy about the entire subject of sexuality.

The evening was such a female sexuality nightmare that five of us women — and one supportive husband — banned together to write Big Betrayal | Erica Jong Daughters Ice Sex & Women’s Rights.

This latest, blistering essay follows my writing on statements made by Jong’s daughter Molly Jong-Fast who believes that the world’s women are as liberated as they need to be.  Her lack of empathy for the conditions faced by women around the world is staggering in scope.

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Big Betrayal | Erica Jong Daughters Ice Sex & Women's Rights

All images: Amelia by Stanley Patzoid (website)

Land of Lost Libidos

Disappointment, confusion, disagreement and lack of sensual arousal was the prevailing response by six eager listeners, initially jazzed by the idea of hearing feminist icon and erotic writer Erica Jong at Philadelphia’s Free Library last Thursday evening.

Four of us — Susana, Charlotte, Beverly and myself —  are Erica’s younger, female contemporaries, with married couple Dvora and Paul aging a generation younger.

Totally bummed by the evening, Susana and I wandered the streets of Philadelphia late into the night, asking ourselves what has gone wrong — not with social conservatives and the Republican right-wing that wants to bring women down in America. 

What’s up with the daughters of America’s second wave feminists, that they sound like Phyllis Schlafly and Sarah Palin? We’re not judgmental about their lives; why the need to condemn ours? And why is sex still a bad, bad thing in America?

Wanting to generate discussion about this critical topic, we publish our third piece on Erica Jong and her daughter Molly — and now her daughter’s circle of friends and literary colleagues.

I invited each person I met last Thursday night at the Philadelphia Free Library (an interesting metaphor) to speak on our reactions to one of America’s greatest feminist icons — a woman several of us are loathe to criticize in any way.

Icons Are Human

It’s like turning on our own mother or big sister; the gesture represents a real source of discomfort and for me — anguish. These days I feel as if standing on quicksand when the subject is the future rights for our young women in America and around the world.

The sexual revolution gets such a bad rap, as if all it stood for was the right to sleep around. The main sexual argument for many of us — that loving sex can be a very strong bond between people who care for each other and is a key component in keeping love alive — is passé.

The goals of the sexual revolution need rebalancing — the favorite word of these women — when America has yet to achieve a healthy relationship with sexuality.

Many of us believe that sexuality is a life force, central to our vitality and wellbeing. For this panel, sexuality equals disgust and inappropriate behavior. We’re a danger to young children and the future of humanity.

The response from Dvora and Paul is especially beneficial because they are contemporaries — but very different sensual thinkers — from Jong’s two younger panelists Julie Klam — introduced as a close friend of Erica Jong’s daughter Molly Jong-Fast — and Philadelphia-native Karen Abbott.

The three women writers were promoting Erica Jong’s latest anthology ‘Sugar in My Bowl’, at the event billed as new contributions to a four-decades old conversation of ‘real women talking about real sex’.

Hear No Evil | See No Evil

Forget sex. Both Klam and Abbott opened the evening making the critical point of saying they don’t enjoy talking or writing about sex, and definitely not in any way that relates to their own lives. 

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Betrayal | Feminists To Erica Jong Daughters "Get Off Our Backs"

We continue with part 2 of Big Betrayal | Erica Jong Daughters Ice Sex & Women’s Rights.

Beverly Dale

When the sexual pioneer who wrote Fear of Flying and broke barriers about women being sexual now actually reacts to our excessively sexually-obsessed culture by suggesting we retreat into romantic,  unconsummated fantasies, we are in deep trouble!

Erica Jong asks if there is a future for sex? Basically she wants to know if we have been too public with it?

This question makes the mistake of assuming that we have only two choices. We either participate in America’s blatantly sexual hookup culture, accepting its mutual objectification or we embrace romance (as opposed to sex) with limited, little or virtually no public discourse.

There is a middle ground that is possible although almost completely unexplored. We can teach people how to be better, engaged lovers! Yes our culture is woefully ignorant about sexual intimacy and sexual fulfillment but — sorry Erica — living only with fantasies are not the answer.


I want to see pastors, priests and rabbis apply the moral framework found in both humanism and the major faith traditions to what everyone is afraid to talk about: authentic honest-to-goodness sexual intimacy.

Beverly Dale:  Consultant for Body Justice and Sexuality Ministries

“Reconnecting the Spirit and the Body” (website)

“Wisdom calls in the streets and raises her voice in the public square.” Prov 1:20

Susana Mayer

One of my icons truly disappointed last night, and based on ladies room conversation after the event, I was not the only one that felt this way.

The panel’s comments were helter-skelter and often not grounded in scientific facts.  X-Y commentary contained a multitude of errors, based on research from the last decade. For example, it’s true that women don’t like the word ‘pornography’ but our digital footprints indicate that women are very active online and not just reading cookbooks.

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