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Rubber Ducky Condoms for Bathing with Hennessy

Truthfully, I never had a thing for rubber duckies in my bath tub.

My strong preference is for a sexy man and glass of Veuve Clicquot, in water as hot as we can stand, accompanied by bubbles cascading onto the floor.  If the water is totally infused with testosterone, I might go for a single malt whiskey or Remy. 

Did I say candles?

Personally, I like the feel of glass in my hand — but then I never got into the rabbit either.  Give me a cool, glass art sculpture in my palm, any day of the week. And better yet … 

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Mrs. Khaki Pants | Neurobic Sex Inspires Smarter Brains

Updated on Sat, October 16, 2010 by Registered CommenterAnne

via Flickr’s CaseyJ
Regular sex, especially the tantalizing, catch-me-if-you-can kind, may improve your memory and even make you smarter.

Studies show that intense stimulation, like the kind creative sex provides, can produce brain chemicals that stimulate cells to grow new dendrites — the filaments attached to nerve cells. Dendrites allow neurons to communicate with one another.

The more dendrites you have, explains now-deceased Lawrence Katz, Ph.D., former professor of neurobiology at the Duke University Medical Center, the better you learn and the more you remember.

Routine-Deadened Dendrites

Dendrites act as a communication interstate in our brain, allowing you to move from one place to another efficiently, without getting lost.

A map of your brain is filled with everything that matters in your life: your office, the dog sitter, your favorite shopping center; the kid’s school, your church, the kitchen — including the location of the silverware drawer.

Like many minivan moms, you drive a regular route daily, not even needing your brain map.

Perfect Alignment Lives

Routines are the fabric of our lives. 21st century women are champion multi-taskers, proud of our ability to execute fundamental tasks on autopilot.

In reality, routines may be efficient, but our bored brains take a snooze.

Familiarity can decrease stress, bringing order to the daily chaos of kids, football practice, piano lessons and the French tutor, PLUS the power point presentation due for work in the morning.

Critical as they seem to our wellbeing, these routines don’t nourish our brains. Routines depress neurotrophins, a family of proteins that induce the survival, development and function of neurons.

Orderly Habits

All of your personal habits — a quick shower, never a soothing bumble bath; wearing the same perfume for 10 years, not one single spritz of a new fragrance tempting your wrist; shopping at the same grocery store and never the local farmer’s market — every habitual activity  contributes to an avoidable loss of brain power.

To activate neuron production and dendrite growth, we must not only change our routine, but break away from familiarity in a significant way.

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J'Adore: Smart Sensuality Raffaele Iannello Kitchen Sex Toys

Ladies, ladies, ladies. I am about to be such a bad girltoday… so that you can be a bad girl, too … in the kitchen, of course.

There are moments in life when one can be supremely, unforgettably naughty with no regrets, and this is one of those moments for me.

Coach Anne’s Kitchen Sexy Toy Strategy

What fun I’m having as your sexy Erotic Food coach!

Voila! Take control in the kitchen with these crossover sex toys! I am totally serious when I tell you that these fabulous sex toys could only be designed by an Italian mind, in this case Raffaele Iannello’s!

Raffaele Iannello kitchen kinkiness

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The Effect of SI Body Paint Girls on Male Brains

For starters, I apologize for being totally remiss in not posting material about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m OK on the subject of men’s desires (and women’s, too) to enjoy a bit of visual inspiration from gorgeous, sexy women.

I’ve expressed concern about brokers and their elevated levels of testosterone-infused stock trading, calling for more females on Wall Steet to give some estrogen balance to the financial markets.

Porn on iPhones will only fuel this reckless decision-making further, but for now, it’s just one more problem on the list of America’s economic woes. If you think about the situation, bidding up stocks that are undervalued by 50-80% might not be such a bad idea.

So bring on the babes!

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Light Seduction: Choco Covered Grapes from Minimally Invasive

These grapes from Minimally Invasive reminded me of lingerie.

Starting simple, they are transformed into a sensually-liberating concoction that is quite naughty, without losing all innocence. No leather straps or buckles. Just a lovely lace effect.

Imagine sitting across the table from a guy who intoxicates you, lthe two of you ingering over cooled-down cappucinos and stories of wasted youth. You pick up a cluster of chocolate-nut covered grapes and eat them one by one. He is totally capitavated by your confidence. Very sexy.

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J'Adore: Banana Trees Food

My little banana-exploration began innocently enough. Food erotica was not on my radar. I popped over toWired mag and stumbled head-first into banana erotica. Because I had such a lark with the Food Porn two weeks ago, I was revved up for another episode. I know that familiarity breeds contempt, but surely we have another run at the food erotica subject, before retiring the jersey.

“How decadent,” I murmured to myself, checking out this boldly-colored, yummy-flavored banana extravaganza, one of 10 food photos chosen as winners by Wired readers.  I rest my point, dear friends, that food porn is positive proliferating its slimey face all over America. None of us can escape its influence.

What would Madame Nature say? Bananas are yellow, darn it. They should not be dressed up like some transsexual cancan girls kicking up sand in the Desert.    

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