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Cosa Bella's 'La Dolce Vita' | Women of Harlot Babylon

Photographer Alberto Tolot serves up a classic, sultry campaign for Cosabella’s fall/winter season, writes WWD. Anchored in a “scandalous time” in Italy, the images celebrate the glamour and sensuality of the Sixties movie “La Dolce Vita” by Federico Fellini and the magnificent leading ladies of Italian cinema including Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida.

“There was an explosion of Alfa Romeos, Lamborghinis and Ferraris, Sophia Loren really began exploding worldwide, and Fellini helped pave the way,” said (Guido) Campello, an American-Italian whose parents, Ugo and Valeria Campello, founded Cosabella with Sergio Oxman in Miami in 1983. Campello is vice president of marketing, branding and innovation at Cosaabella.

Personally, I find Campello’s commentary a bit off, regarding the women’s states of mind globally.

“We went through a terrible period in fashion with the recession where it was all about price and value, and a lot of details and eccentricities that make fashion what it is were eliminated,” said Campello. “We saw an opportunity this year and thought with the presidential election we would end the year in a better way, a better place.…‘La Dolce Vita’ represents the idea of the return of a rich, luxurious feeling, of letting women return to the escape of feeling free, luxurious and sexy.”

The presidential election results will depress as many women as they elate in Cosabella’s market. However, as I noted on the just-posted Naomi Yang editorial of Hanna Wahmer for Vogue Taiwan, the blue tinted background is perfectly optimistic and not dirty.

Women, in particular, are so tired of the fighting, the bad news and confrontational nature of our societies — and especially in America — that any call to “La Dolce Vita” is appealing because it’s centered on woman and real sensuality.

Women of Harlot Babylon

This very Cosa Bella campaign could be condemned as ‘The Corruptress’ by those ministers in America who label women like me members of Harlot Babylon. It’s okay. When your good company is Oprah and the Statue of Liberty, some of the sting of the condemnation goes away. (Read When Talking Rick Perry’s Harlots, Add the Statue of Liberty to the List”. )

Italy doesn’t manufacturer sensuality LA style — although the original California girls were rooted in nature and the Sixties. It was an explosive and optimistic time for women. Personally, I vote for optimism and a determination for female principles because somehow we must break the testosterone, financial-religious gridlock that defines our politics worldwide.

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OMG | Bible Opposed To Higher Teachers Salaries | No Pink Ribbons for Planned Parenthood

Don’t Worry | Be Happy

Package Design & Unintended Pregnancy

In the second major recall of contraception in less than six months, Pfizer has recalled about 1 million packets of birth control pills because confusion in packaging has caused a misalignment of the pill order, increasing the likelihood of pregnancy. TIMELAND writes:

The affected pills include 14 lots of Lo/Ovral-28 tablets and 14 lots of generic Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol tablets. All the pills were marketed by Akrimax Rx Products and have expiration dates ranging from July 31, 2013, to March 31, 2014. They were distributed to warehouses, clinics and pharmacies throughout the U.S.

Pfizer notified pharmacies and distributors on Dec. 28 that it was recalling the pills, writes the Wall Street Journal. The company believed, based on the “low defect rate and our health-hazard assessment,” that providing public notice wasn’t necessary. Late Tues. Pfizer changed its mind, deciding that perhaps women who were taking the pills and might become pregnant deserved to be notified.

Typically missing one pill or taking the wrong pill doesn’t result in an unintended pregnancy. The reality is that on their own, women are known to miss taking their contraceptive pill, thus increasing the possibility of pregnancy.

Is Bible Against Higher Pay for Teachers?

He said what??? Alabama state Sen. Shadrack McGill said that increasing pay for teachers is against ‘a biblical principle’ because it might attract people who otherwise wouldn’t do the job.

“Teachers need to make the money that they need to make,” McGill said, according to the Times-Journal. “If you double a teacher’s pay scale, you’ll attract people who aren’t called to teach … and these teachers that are called to teach, regardless of the pay scale, they would teach. It’s just in them to do. It’s the ability that God give ‘em.”

Alabama is leading the nation in beginning pay for teachers but lags significantly behind in average pay, writes Huff Po. In real terms, teacher pay has declined for 30 years, with an average starting salary of $39,000. The average ending salary is $67,000 says the New York Times.

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Are Kids of Gay Parents Better Off With Mom & Imprisoned Dad?

Karen and Rick Santorum via Getty ImagesRepublican presidential candidate Rick Santorum pontificated pre-primary in New Hampshire about the evils of gay marriage and even worse, gay parenthood. Santorum quoted an unnamed ‘anti-poverty expert’ (let’s hope it’s not George Rekers) who allegedly claims that children are better off having a parent in prison who has abandoned them than having two same-sex parents.

This assertion came as crushing news to three of the children in his boarding school audience who had gay parents.The LA Times reported then:

Allowing gays to marry and raise children, Santorum said, amounts to “robbing children of something they need, they deserve, they have a right to. You may rationalize that that isn’t true, but in your own life and in your own heart, you know it’s true.”

Rick Santorum’s views on gay marriage are well known, post his 2003 interview with the Associated Press in which the Republican candidate for president described gay marriage as no different from “man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be.”

While we wait for Santorum to cough up his sources for a ‘research position’ undocumented to professionals who track research studies on homosexuals, the Washington Post refers us to a study published in this month’s Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

Quality of Life of Adolescents Raised From Birth by Lesbian Mothers,” is part of a long-term study of American lesbian families called the National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study, which is supported by The Williams Institute at UCLA Law, a research center specializing in sexual orientation law and public policy.

This study had a completely different conclusion than Santorum’s unnamed research guru.

In 2006, the LA Times concluded that there was no research that confirmed any negatives to the children of gay parents, while also stressing that the research field is still young.

In 2001, Judith Stacey and Timothy J. Biblarz, then sociologists at the University of Southern California, published a review of 21 previous studies of the children of homosexual parents (most of them lesbians). Almost uniformly, they wrote, the research found no systematic differences between children reared by a mother and father and those raised by same-sex parents.

The researchers expressed an observation that “The boys may be less aggressive. There’s some indication the girls will have a wider array of career aspirations.” The duo also concluded — not that the children are more likely to become lifestyle choice homosexuals themselves — but that they are inclined to be more experimental sexually.

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Bro. Dennis on Ultra-Orthodox, Fundamentalist, Extreme Moralists as 'Evil Incarnate' | 2Ps in a Pod

All images by Dusan Jaukovic for Morfium Couture, with whom Anne and Bro. Dennis have a special relationship.

Dear Anne,

Paradoxically, we live in a disordered society of bigots, hypocrites, critics and narcissistic judges. On the other hand, becoming self-reflective and authentically concerned for others without judgment or condemnation raises our individual person from the self-destructive behaviors that enslaves us. The experience of enlightenment or wisdom can develop within us or is found in the courageous individuals who cross our path. Gandhi, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day, etc., are profound examples of individuals who struggled during their journey, while their self-reflective attitudes brought substantial movement of goodness—affecting others.

I view the world around me and myself like a stained glass window—broken to be made beautiful. Each pane of class broken and at times shattered by the careful efforts of the master craftsman—God, life choices and our universe. The end result, relative to a pane of glass, is a work-of-art that becomes more beautiful as a whole and brilliant when exposed the sun’s rays. Regardless of the modality we use to explain the frailty of our human existence, which some refer to as the “fall of Adam and Eve”; there exists the universal experience of our “ego” becoming the center of the universe.

When enslaved by our ego, our oftentimes unprovoked and radical reactions are portrayed through bigotry, hypocrisy, criticism and narcissism. These unsightly scabs cross all cultures and religions, for it is part of the human condition.

On the contrary, becoming self-reflective and self-aware, we unearth the rooted grip of the shadow-side of our humanity, shedding light and truth, bringing movement to humility, responsibility, accountability and acceptance of the uniqueness of others.

Here lies the rub. Recognition and movement away from our selfish, self-serving interest not only brings healing to our personal history, but also unravels the generational threads of dysfunction that lie at the foundation of the scab. Anne, you explained this process through your self-portrait photography expressed in last month’s blog.

Understanding Evil

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With Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann & Evangelicals, America Loses Its Mind

Images: Adrien Sahores & Bastiaan Van Gaalen | Anthony Maule | Vman Magazine ‘The Evangelist’

Evangelism in America

The Evangelical Rejection of Science NYTimes Op Ed

Anne here, highly recommending this NYT op ed piece by Karl W Giberson & Randall J Stephens. Karl W. Giberson is a former professor of physics, and Randall J. Stephens is an associate professor of history, both at Eastern Nazarene College. They are the authors of “The Anointed: Evangelical Truth in a Secular Age.”

Science is on trial in the Republican presidential field, now a bastion of evangelical anti-intellectualism. Not just parts of scientific research like climate change are under debate. Evolution is not only dismissed as an unproven theory, but all of archaeological discovery about the lives of humans before the Old Testament are ignored — as if the rest of the world is just crazy or launching a deceptive attack against pious Christians.

As an American, I do not recognize the country in which I live. The country that put a man on the moon is today capable of denying the very fact that it happened. Depending on whether or not the Republicans win the next elections, not only will the Republicans continue their relentless war on women.

Next, they will wage war on our minds and all intellect. Speaking for myself, this is the fascism I fear most. Call it tyranny dressed up for a Tea Party.

It’s as if scientific discovery, physics, and mathematics don’t exist. All answers for these extreme evangelicals who dominate the national dialogue lie in Genesis and ‘God’s Word’. As for educating our children with knowledge skills to make them competitive in a global economy, it’s heresy today. And we Americans let these people control our textbooks!!

Their deceptive fingers are in every pot of life today, chipping away at all forms of knowledge.

Fundamentalism appeals to evangelicals who have become convinced that their country has been overrun by a vast secular conspiracy; denial is the simplest and most attractive response to change. They have been scarred by the elimination of prayer in schools; the removal of nativity scenes from public places; the increasing legitimacy of abortion and homosexuality; the persistence of pornography and drug abuse; and acceptance of other religions and of atheism.

Note that on the subject of pornography, the most conservative amongst us — those who scream the loudest about pornography — are MUCH more inclined to be the ones watching it. The nation and the future of our children are held hostage because disproportionate numbers of conservative and evangelical men can’t keep their hands off the digital mouse. These perverted men monitor porn so that the rest of us won’t be contaminated.

This is a pathetic state of affairs for a nation that prides itself on being a leader of the free world.

Not All Evangelicals Reject Science

To be clear, not all evangelicals reject reason and science. Just Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and every other Republican candidate for president except Mitt Romney — who caves by the day to these dogmatic fundamentalists — and Jon M Huntsman Jr.

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Anne Incorporates Her Uterus After Republican War on Women Nightmare

RedTracker| The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida has launched a new website

The idea was launched in response to Rep Scott Randoph’s (D-Orlando) statement on the house floor that making a uterus into a corporation may be the only way to protect Florida women from lawmakers determined to fully regulate her body. Writes The Florida Independent:

“The Florida Legislature – and extreme social conservatives across the country – are taking rules and regulation off of businesses and adding them to uteruses,” said Howard Simon, Executive Director of ACLUFL. “People who really understand and respect personal freedom have to do something.  Maybe telling lawmakers that your body is really a business is the best way to get them to leave it alone.”

When I first heard the report, I said ‘We should incorporate our uteruses.’I have incorporated mine and will proudly post the declaration when it arrives. Men can register an ‘honorary’ uterus.

Rep Randolph’s wife Susannah, has added her voice to the Facebook page for the project.

I am shocked that across the state legislatures, men are reading every control imaginable over women’s bodies into the public records. But Rep Randolph is reprimanded, as he tells Rachel Maddow, for saying the word ‘uterus’ in a pro-woman, pro-privacy, pro-freedom manner.

America is roaring back to the McCarthy era unless concerned people take action. There is no doubt.

Rachel Maddow Interviews Rep Scott Randolph

My decision to register my uterus results from a terrible nightmare — the first in my life — about the Republican war on women. My profound dreams have always had a positive ending. Not this dream; it left me terrified and ready to board the bus to Washington tomorrow to once again stand up for American women, who are under assault from every direction.

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Perfect Marriage | Estrogen for Testosterone in Wall Street

When I first wrote “Two Queens and a Great Dame in the Wall Street Mist”, no one would listen to me. Originally posted over at BlogCritics, such radical thinking got me nowhere.

With today’s cover article at New York Magazine titled “What If Women Ran Wall Street”, I’m taking back my words, bringing them home where hopefully more people will listen to me.

I’m so much smarter since the day I wrote the original essay on men, testosterone and trading. I watched yesterday’s health care debate, with mostly Republican men defending the good old days of America’s founding.

That would be the days when women had no rights and couldn’t vote, although they could get abortions. I don’t have this Tea Party Desire to get back to the days when we killed all the Indians and introduced guns to the Wild West.

Life in the 21st century is not romantic fiction, and I would like the boys club to get serious about the future. Our John Wayne cultural history needs a shakeup, which typically happens when people grow up into adulthood.

New York Magazine writer Sheelah Kolhatkar asked Sheila Bair chairman of the FDIC, about new testosterone research implications for the financial markets, and her two top men had a good laugh:

 … the two men sitting in on our interview—Andrew Gray, her press director, and Jesse Villarreal, her chief of staff—burst out with horrified laughter, as if it were the most absurd thing they’ve ever heard. Bair responded more carefully. “With some of those academic studies, I can see what they’re saying, and I think there may be some truth to that, with the caveat that you should never categorize people,” she said. “Perhaps from a risk-management standpoint, having diversity and different perspectives and attitudes is helpful.”

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