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Prochoice Groups Ready To Challenge Roe In Supreme Court | Teen Pregnancy Rate Plummets | OTC Contraception

Abortion & Contraception News

1.US Supreme Court Lets Stand Fourth Circuit Ruling that North Carolina Abortion Law Is Unconstitutional

US The Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from the state of North Carolina, refusing to reconsider the ruling of an appeals court overturning a state law that would require doctors to perform a mandatory ultrasound on women seeking an abortion in the state. The law also would require doctors to display the ultrasounds and give the woman a mandatory explanation of details that would happen to her fetus.

In December, a unanimous three-judge panel in Richmond’s Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the North Carolina law was unconstitutional as a violation of the First Amendment.

“The state cannot commandeer the doctor-patient relationship to compel a physician to express its preference to the patient,” Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III wrote in December. 

Other federal court of appeals in Texas and South Dakota have upheld similar laws, traditionally forcing a direct appeal to the US Supreme Court, as happened with North Carolina. The SC is also expected to announce whether it will hear a state of Mississippi. via

2. Pro-Choice Groups Considering Direct Appeal to the Supreme Court Over Texas Abortion Law

After a recent Supreme Court decision upholding a Texas abortion law that would close down almost every remaining health facility in the state, pro-choice groups are changing course and seriously considering a demand that the nation’s highest court must clarify what it means in clarifying when rules governing doctors, clinics or medical procedures become an unconstitutional ‘undue burden’ on a woman’s right to an abortion.

In the 1992 Supreme Court decision Planned Parenthood v. Casey, the decision ruled that: 

“the State may enact regulations to further the health or safety of a woman seeking an abortion, but may not impose unnecessary health regulations that present a substantial obstacle to a woman seeking an abortion.”

“An undue burden exists,” it continued, “and therefore a provision of law is invalid if its purpose or effect is to place substantial obstacles in the path of a woman seeking an abortion before the fetus attains viability.”

3. Senate Reopens Debate On Expanded Access To Contraception

Democratic Senator Patty Murray introduced the Affordability is Access Act, an action that has renewed debate about access to birth control under the Affordable Care Act. The proposed bill requires health insurance companies to cover birth control pills, should they become available over-the-counter.

Many Republicans are pressing on the option of making some contraception available without a prescription, an action that could cost women up to $600 a year, writes The Guardian.

“I believe strongly that women should be able to get the comprehensive health care they need, when they need it — without being charged extra, without asking permission, and without politicians interfering,” said Sen. Murray in a news release.

A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation  examining 20 insurance carriers in five states - California, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey and Texas - found that almost all the plans limit access to some forms of birth control — either by not covering them at all or by charging a co-pay.

The Guardian article narrates the Republican position on over-the-counter contraception as being driven by major concern that women’s reproductive health issues will be a major topic in the 2016 elections, where it’s very possible that Democrats can retake control of the Senate.

4. Good News! The Teen Pregnancy Rate Continues To Drop

Newsweek reviews multiple studies that confirm a consistent and even accelerating drop in the rate of teen pregnancy. From 1991 to 2013, the number of high school students who report never having sex declined from 54.1 percent to 46.8 percent, according to the CDC. Lisa Romero reports that more than 85 percent of teens who are sexually active are using some form of contraception or birth control.

TV shows have also played a role. One 2014 study concluded that this media that doesn’t glamorize teen sex resulted in an average 5.7 decline in teen births in the 12 months after their debuts. As Mark Regnerus, a sociologist at the University of Texas at Austin, puts it, there is a “growing conviction that teenage pregnancy can really derail a person’s immediate future.”


RedTracker: Loretta Lynch Nomination Held Hostage In Abortion Politics | PA Frat Boys Could Face Serious Charges Over FB Nudies of Unconscious Women

McConnell Puts Miss Loretta on Hold

1. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promises that Loretta Lynch’s confirmation vote as US Attorney General will not come to the Senate floor, until the chamber gets a final vote on the human trafficking bill. The vote on what was considered to be a bipartisan bill with wide support hit a last-minute impasse over anti-abortion language that has been in the bill since early January. Democratic accusations of last-minute changes in the bill are incorrect.

Democrats have promised to filibuster the bill until the no-abortion provision for victims of sex-trafficking is removed. This same language has been used in other legislation and President Obama has not signalled that he will veto the bill if the anti-abortion provision remains.  via Politico

Related: The Abortion Language in the Sex Trafficking Bill Would Make Life Harder For Rape Victims Huff Po

2. Loretta Lynch was profiled in The Atlantic this week, sharing new information about her North Carolina heritage. The nominee was the top student in her senior class but the administrators of Durham High School asked her not to claim her won spot of class valedictorian but share it instead with two white students to avoid controversy. This event occurred — not in the 1950s — but in 1977.

As a youngster, Miss Loretta did so well in her standardized tests, that her largely white elementary school asked her to take the tests again. Lynch complied and scored even higher the second time.

Boys Will Be Boys - When Will They Ever Grow Up?

3. The criminal investigation and severity of potential charges for current and/or former members of Penn State’s Kappa Delta Rho fraternity hedges on the victims’ participation, writes BuzzFeed.

Police are urging women pictured in the closed-group Facebook pages to come forward and assist in the investigation. State College police said at a press conference that those responsible for posting photos of mostly naked women — while sleeping or unconscious — could be charged with misdemeanors of harassment and invasion of privacy.

Women legal experts seemed to view the charges as potentially more serious. ‘If they got the women doped up or intoxicated for the purpose of taking the pictures, then that would be a felony,’ said Jill Engle, a law professor at Penn State University, who also agreed that the women had to come forward.

Marina Angel, a professor at Temple Law School, suggested that if FB page members intentionally inebriated the women to take the nude photos, that would be a felony. If the women didn’t take off their own clothes, then they are victims of sexual assault, Angel explained.

Controlling Women’s Bodies

4. The latest headlines in fight to preserve women’s rights in America:

Montana House Passes Telemedicine Abortion Ban RH Reality Check

Idaho Telemedicine Abortion Ban Moves Through Senate RH Reality Check

Catholic bishop says women who become pregnant through rape should not ‘destroy a life in order to get back at the rapist’ The Independent UK

How states are playing politics with women’s bodies CNN

Texas GOP lawmaker: Women Will die if state defunds Planned Parenthood Salon

GOP Rep. Sarah Davis, herself a cancer survivor, is fighting back against her parties determination to end Planned Parenthood cancer screenings for poor Texas women.

From India: Rap Against Rape

The controversial ‘India’s daughter’ BBC documentary was released ahead of schedule in Britain on March 4, 2015. We will shortly install the entire documentary in AOC Salon on this link no later than Saturday, March 21.

After BBC’s documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ surfaced online with an interview with one of the accused — Mukesh Singh — being the source of incredible statements about women in India, all hell broke loose. The film, made by Leslee Udwin, was banned by the Indian government and is on appeal with India’s Supreme Court. Indians were offended when the Delhi’s Nirbhaya gang rape case was the subject of the documentary, even though the rape brought people, including large numbers of men, into the street on behalf of women victims.

Trailer: ‘India’s Daughter’


Believing in Birth Control Doesn't Make Me Un-American | 2Ps in a Pod

Sensual Rebel Models | IMG Show Package - New York F/W 2012 AOC Sensual Rebel

X-posted in AOC Sexual Politics

Hi Bro. Dennis,

I look forward to speaking with you and Paul tomorrow about your excellent trip to New York. I’ve just been so overwhelmed emotionally and psychologically with everything that is going on that I haven’t been able to write a response to your last blog post. Nor have I read Bro. Solomon’s article on feminine principles in the church — only due to lack of time. Our traffic is up 50% in the last three months. I’m working on my jewelry project — filled with problems, but I totally took over the design.)

You know that I’m working on getting asylum for my friend who stood against the flogging of 40,000 women a year in Sudan. We collaborated in smuggling this video out of the country and I was able to post the movie I made for Vimeo, when YouTube kept taking it down, deluged with complaints from Khartoum.

This woman was arrested for improper dress. I understand that even Pope John Paul used self-flagellation, according to Monsignor Slawomir Oder, John Paul’s postulator. But I simply can’t believe that this cruel flogging punishment is just for the 40,000 women of Sudan deemed to be not modest enough each year. 

Flogging of Sudanese Woman in Khartoum

Because I speak out on these issues, I am now banned in the Arab world, Bro Dennis. And soon I will be banned in America.

The minority is superb at silencing crimes against women in today’s digital world, even when they boo hoo incessantly that they have no power and are the victims of the Stalinist tactics of women like me.

Truthfully, Bro. Dennis, I don’t believe that I am the gestapo, no matter what the social conservatives say.

Because I am independent, I was able to keep the flogging video alive, while sending it on to Bloomberg News. Mayor Bloomberg’s company is one of the easiest to work with in broadcasting the horrors of violence against women. As you probably know, he put a $250,000 matching grant on the table last week for Planned Parenthood, when Komen moved to join the fight to shut down Planned Parenthood in America.

Declaration of Independence

I realize now that I must generate my own salary and living without depending on advertisers and even foundations, although I do believe there are grants out there for me. Watching the tactics of the prolife people, I realize there will come a time where if I have advertisers, the people who want me dead will try to shut down my financial support.

The only way for me to succeed financially is to receive my money from a group or organization that can’t be pressured to withdraw their support of me. That will be readers.

In the name of a higher calling to God and not the laws of America, the prolifers say that I have no right to express my ideas and beliefs in America. These very words should be silenced. FOX News says that I am a totalitarian feminist, an immoral and self-absorbed woman, and that I only care about myself.

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OMG | Bible Opposed To Higher Teachers Salaries | No Pink Ribbons for Planned Parenthood

Don’t Worry | Be Happy

Package Design & Unintended Pregnancy

In the second major recall of contraception in less than six months, Pfizer has recalled about 1 million packets of birth control pills because confusion in packaging has caused a misalignment of the pill order, increasing the likelihood of pregnancy. TIMELAND writes:

The affected pills include 14 lots of Lo/Ovral-28 tablets and 14 lots of generic Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol tablets. All the pills were marketed by Akrimax Rx Products and have expiration dates ranging from July 31, 2013, to March 31, 2014. They were distributed to warehouses, clinics and pharmacies throughout the U.S.

Pfizer notified pharmacies and distributors on Dec. 28 that it was recalling the pills, writes the Wall Street Journal. The company believed, based on the “low defect rate and our health-hazard assessment,” that providing public notice wasn’t necessary. Late Tues. Pfizer changed its mind, deciding that perhaps women who were taking the pills and might become pregnant deserved to be notified.

Typically missing one pill or taking the wrong pill doesn’t result in an unintended pregnancy. The reality is that on their own, women are known to miss taking their contraceptive pill, thus increasing the possibility of pregnancy.

Is Bible Against Higher Pay for Teachers?

He said what??? Alabama state Sen. Shadrack McGill said that increasing pay for teachers is against ‘a biblical principle’ because it might attract people who otherwise wouldn’t do the job.

“Teachers need to make the money that they need to make,” McGill said, according to the Times-Journal. “If you double a teacher’s pay scale, you’ll attract people who aren’t called to teach … and these teachers that are called to teach, regardless of the pay scale, they would teach. It’s just in them to do. It’s the ability that God give ‘em.”

Alabama is leading the nation in beginning pay for teachers but lags significantly behind in average pay, writes Huff Po. In real terms, teacher pay has declined for 30 years, with an average starting salary of $39,000. The average ending salary is $67,000 says the New York Times.

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Dr Tom Allen Reveals Karen Santorum As A Daddy's Girl, Calculating Woman Hypocrite

Updated on Wed, January 18, 2012 by Registered CommenterAnne

Karen Garver and Dr Tom AllenA Daily Beast eye opener Before Karen Met Rick is a jaw-dropper. We know that the GOP contender’s wife is opposed to birth control as well as abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. Mrs. Santorum — who herself survived a health emergency, receiving treatment most call a form of abortion but she insists was a natural delivery in the hospital of a 20-week old fetus that lived two hours, with no help from doctors or drugs (ahem) — has a new revelation.

Karen Garver Santorum lived through most of her 20s in a five-six year relationship with Tom Allen, a Pittsburgh obstetrician and abortion provider 40 years older than she.

The young woman’s father was a pediatrician and many of his patients were referred to him by Allen. Karen Garver left Tom Allen after meeting new love Rick Santorum. Karen apparently changed career courses from nursing to pursue her future as a lawyer. Garver met her future husband as an intern at Rick Santorum’s law firm.

Karen Garver Santorum, who left her six-year relationship with Dr Tom Allen after meeting Rick Santorum.Before changing gears, here please note that Rick Santorum said in 1997, that of course he would have chosen to save his wife’s life. Today he condemns her to death and their other children motherless — and Karen agrees.

“The doctors said they were talking about a matter of hours or a day or two before risking sepsis and both of them might die,” Santorum said. “Obviously, if it was a choice of whether both Karen and the child are going to die or just the child is going to die, I mean it’s a pretty easy call.”

Both Rick Santorum and his wife Karen are virulently opposed to any exceptions in the abortion debate, believing that birth control is also form of abortion. Believers in home schooling, it seems fare to say that the Santorums espouse a very traditional view of relations between men and women, even if Karen had a rather progressive beginning as a young adult woman.

Karen Santorum Lived for Several Years with National Leader in Safe Abortions

In fact, Dr Allen delivered Mrs. Santorum, born Karen Garver, in 1960. Karen Santorum’s six-year-long May-December affair began when she was 22 and a nursing student at Duquesne University and Allen was 63 and founder of the Magee-Women’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Dr Allen’s enjoyment of much younger women was well known and the reason for his first divorce. Karen Garver called Allen for advice on an apartment near Duquesne University and moved into a basement apartment close by Allen’s two-floor apartment.

Recalling the day they began their relationship the Daily Mail picks up the story:

‘That first night, as soon as it got dark, she called to say she was scared and asked if she could come up.

‘I figured it was a come-on, but that was OK’.

During her relationship with Dr Allen, Karen Garver saw the world with several European holidays, as well as a trip to Hong Kong. Her partner bought her a grand piano and paid to have her teeth straightened. That’s a pretty sweet situation.

Six Degrees of Separation

Reading the Beast story, I shook my head over the details of Karen Santorum’s relationship with Dr Allen and his clinic, traveling back in time to my own Karen Garver years.

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Bro. Dennis on Ultra-Orthodox, Fundamentalist, Extreme Moralists as 'Evil Incarnate' | 2Ps in a Pod

All images by Dusan Jaukovic for Morfium Couture, with whom Anne and Bro. Dennis have a special relationship.

Dear Anne,

Paradoxically, we live in a disordered society of bigots, hypocrites, critics and narcissistic judges. On the other hand, becoming self-reflective and authentically concerned for others without judgment or condemnation raises our individual person from the self-destructive behaviors that enslaves us. The experience of enlightenment or wisdom can develop within us or is found in the courageous individuals who cross our path. Gandhi, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day, etc., are profound examples of individuals who struggled during their journey, while their self-reflective attitudes brought substantial movement of goodness—affecting others.

I view the world around me and myself like a stained glass window—broken to be made beautiful. Each pane of class broken and at times shattered by the careful efforts of the master craftsman—God, life choices and our universe. The end result, relative to a pane of glass, is a work-of-art that becomes more beautiful as a whole and brilliant when exposed the sun’s rays. Regardless of the modality we use to explain the frailty of our human existence, which some refer to as the “fall of Adam and Eve”; there exists the universal experience of our “ego” becoming the center of the universe.

When enslaved by our ego, our oftentimes unprovoked and radical reactions are portrayed through bigotry, hypocrisy, criticism and narcissism. These unsightly scabs cross all cultures and religions, for it is part of the human condition.

On the contrary, becoming self-reflective and self-aware, we unearth the rooted grip of the shadow-side of our humanity, shedding light and truth, bringing movement to humility, responsibility, accountability and acceptance of the uniqueness of others.

Here lies the rub. Recognition and movement away from our selfish, self-serving interest not only brings healing to our personal history, but also unravels the generational threads of dysfunction that lie at the foundation of the scab. Anne, you explained this process through your self-portrait photography expressed in last month’s blog.

Understanding Evil

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Repressive Societies Prioritize Controlling Women's Reproduction

Steven Conn, a writer for the History News Service, is an associate professor in the history department at Ohio State University.  He wrote this essay in July 2007 for the History News Service. You can read more about Steven Conn on his web page at Ohio State.

For the last several years, the United States has depicted the battle against terrorism as a contest pitting free societies against those who would impose Islamic rule on the world. But across the globe right now the epochal struggle is not between Islam and the West, but between those societies in which women are free and those in which they are repressed.

Women’s lives are controlled in those nations observing some form of Islamic law. The Taliban first came to the world’s horrified attention with reports of the beatings, stonings and summary executions of women who were held to have violated Islamic law. Throughout the Islamic world women are not permitted to move freely in public, are denied full access to educational and economic life and are barred from voting. In Saudi Arabia — our ally in the fight against terrorism — women are even forbidden to drive cars.

Social and political control over women’s bodies, however, extends well beyond the Islamic world. In many African societies women are forced to have their genitals mutilated. Rape has routinely been used as an instrument of war from Bosnia to Darfur. The trafficking of women in sexual slavery is now endemic across much of Eastern Europe and Asia, but has generated only a tepid response from governments in those regions.

In the developing world, it has been a truism for a generation that the surest indicators of a country’s social and economic progress are the educational levels of its women and women’s ability to limit their pregnancies. Put crudely, as education for women goes up and family size goes down, societies prosper. In the Catholic third world, women are denied access to birth control as a matter of law. In El Salvador, women and doctors are jailed for having illegal abortions. No coincidence that many of these places have stagnating economies.

During the 20th century, the control of women’s reproductive lives marked the most despicable regimes. Among the first things the Nazis did upon seizing power in 1933 was to outlaw abortion. Family planning centers were closed, access to contraception made increasingly difficult and abortion criminalized. By 1943 the Nazis made abortion a capital offense punishable by the death penalty. Stalin too outlawed abortion in 1936, and both dictators clearly saw control of women’s reproduction as a part of the larger apparatus of state control and repression.

States that are repressive enough to control women’s contraceptive options are just as likely to control other aspects of childbearing. The Romanian despot Nicolae Ceausescu made contraception illegal in 1966 for any woman who had fewer than five children. Not satisfied with that, 20 years later, in 1986, he created a monitoring system for all pregnant women, and miscarriages became subject to a criminal investigation. These acts forced women to have children whether they wanted to or not, and 200,000 of those children wound up in those infamous orphanages. Just as tyrannically, China, which limits family size by law, has long been accused of coercing women to have abortions and be sterilized.

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