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Saint Shakira Calls Libido the "Engine of the World"

I’m impossibly arrogant to suggest that Shakira’s announcement that libido is the engine of the world was intended to provide critical backup for my post this morning on feminism and morality.

Let’s just say that two Smart Sensuality women are on the same train track.

It’s true that Shakira’s blend of sexuality and philanthropy launched my own re-entry into activism this summer. Shakira, the burqa debate and Lubna Hussein’s defiant standup to the morality police in Sudan cleared out the cobwebs in my head.

Euan Ferguson interviews Shakira for The Observer, getting wise to the fact that there’s a serious brainiac with curves in the room, a woman who inspires you to think about “far deeper things than one might expect, especially if one was coming to Shakira on the music and looks alone.”

What a bloody patroning remark.

If you’re a Smart Sensuality woman with an activist conscience, you totally understand that Shakira’s music is about far-more than gyrating hips (which are lovely) and slithering around in a cage, also inspiring (Read:  Controlling Women’s Bodies Is a Fight to the Finish)

Saint Shakira is the patron saint of Smart Sensuality, calling libido “the engine of the world.” That’s my girl!

Shakira in Armani Privé jacket.., Michael Roberts photographer.Let me give you her quote precisely, since I’m on quick sand already today with the Catholic Church and the governments of Sudan and Zambia: “Of course, yes. I do think libido is the engine of the world. Forward or backwards. For good or ill. Sometimes when we repress our libido we regress. When we were in the Dark Ages, it was a question of humanity somehow managing to forget about itself. We put God in the centre of society, and people forgot about their own nature and desires. There was a huge deal of repression.

That paragraph, my dearest, darling Shakira woman, is the understatement of the 21st century.

“Until the renaissance, when people could start to… breathe, a little more. Ideas started, or rather resumed. And if this nun I mentioned, the 80-year-old who saw my video, if she was compelled to say something like that, then the rest of us are in a much better place today, right?”

I’m not so sure, dear Shakira, although that’s one cool nun your mother ran into. In America, ours are under investigation for being too … too, modern in their thinking.

Reading on in The Observer interview, I forgive writer Ferguson for his early-on slip of the tongue. He gives Shakira the nicest editorial ride since the NY Times article that launched my relationship with this global philanthropy superstar: Shakira, a Smart Sensuality Activist, Takes Me Back to Colombia, where My life Journey Really Began.

These activism/philanthropy facts of the worth-the-read story are well known in our Shakira Smart Pants channel.

My mission today is feminism, sexuality and the patriarchy/most world religions. Somehow along the way, legislating female sexuality became a major patriarchal preocupation, and women pay the price all over the world even today.

Make no mistake. The renewed focus on keeping women in line is in full swing globally. For every activist like us working to help women, there’s a counterforce trying to get her back under her burqa or in her cage. (My remark is not intended for western Muslim women who choose to wear burqas because they want to. My focus is women who wear burqas because they have no choice.) This is why Shakira dances around in a cage, wanting women to unleash their inner-she-wolves.

There are many thoughtful, educated people in the world — women and men in every country including many Islamic ones — who believe that the world would be far better off with a new set of female-centric principles, rather than patriarchal ones that have caused such misery and endless suffering for thousands of years.

I know that Shakira will back me up on that statement, and I will be making it often. Anne

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Reader Comments (2)

How do I say it. First, I am not overly competitive towards other women. Second, every day I go outside, I see many beautiful women on the streets, in the public transportations, in cafés, stores, working places, and I can admire beauty, attitude, elegance, fierceness, sensuality in other women without jealousy. I also _like_ other women, and I am a little 2nd wave in believing in solidarity even though it is neither rational nor that contemporary (since today perceived as sexist to be more supportive of people just because they share your gender etc, you get the idea)

Now, on to the topic. I have been observing Shakira since a while mainly through the TV screens of fitness studios, and forced upon me radio in public areas, that does not excludes interviews.
Maybe it is because I am a Middle European, but I can not bring up the slightest enthusiasm for a person who is doing a lot of things I am allergic towards as someone who believes in straightforwardness and self-integrity.
I do not approve of Lolita behaviour ("I have no idea what I am doing"). I do not approve of obviously silly little girl lyrics. I know how her charity is orchestrated to appeal to us (by the person that works for Jolie and used to work for Bono).
I think that what one calls 'sensuality' I might perceive as a person pretending to be in a porn like heat (for someone elses also visual convenience), and exploiting all clichées we have gathered of the hot thing that woman is in order to get attention=lots more money. I might just be allergic to the slightly dumb sex kitten act. But that does not mean 'Saint' is not absolutely perfect as a descriptive title >:-|

Thank you for this article, it made me think that I should learn to articulate my thoughts about 'sexy kitten woman' as an epitome of hypocrisy and objectification of people, not only in English, but in my native language as well.

Also thanks for doing that great page, you are my anti dote for the masses of thoughtless journalists in fashion related magazines.


July 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMaire

Marie, thanks so much for your thoughtful comments and compliments. Your words inspire a response, but I'm on the fly and also want to bring in some images and videos sent to me by one of my readers/FB friends from Bulgaria last weekend. I was very surprised at the extreme 'Lolita effect' in play in the pictures.

You've raised a relevant thread of commentary and concerns very much on the minds of many second-wave feminists, triggered by the international SlutWalks movement.

Bottom line, we have multiple threads of discussion here, and I believe they tie together. The article will be up next week, and I'll put the link here, so you can find it. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, and I encourage you to continue talking. Best, Anne

July 8, 2011 | Registered CommenterAnne

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