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Marilyn Mosby Vogue Interview | New Gallup Data Underscores Sexual Hypocrisy | Women Directors Speak | 80% Of Data About Women Is Missing

Anne is reading …

1. Vogue magazine July profiles Baltimore presecutor Marilyn Mosby, who had barely served 100 days in office when she pressed charges against six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray. In an article that attempt to explain what makes Mosby tick, we learn about her background and determination to bring a more even-handed sense of justice to Baltimore’s streets.

We learn of her supporters — Kamala Harris, California’s attorney general and now a US Senate candidate, and Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. who is quick to offer praise: ‘I found her open-minded, interested, and taking her job very seriously.’ And criticism against her is also leveled:

“You could argue that the facts and circumstances dictated a swift action,” says Deborah Gramiccioni, the executive director of the Center on the Administration of Criminal Law at NYU. “The problem in these cases is this stuff takes a while to investigate—it just does.” Gramiccioni adds that she’s troubled by the “extrajudicial statements” Mosby made from the podium—for instance, when she said, “to the youth of the city, I will seek justice on your behalf … our time is now.” “Such statements could give the defense an opening to successfully argue for a change of venue because of a tainted and inflamed jury pool,” says Gramiccioni.

2.New data from Gallup’s Values and Beliefs Survey reminds us that Americans of all genders are sexual hypocrites, writes The Daily Beast. Disparities in the consumption of pornography leads the list, but other evidence of ‘do as I say and not as I do’ thinking are pronounced.

‘Gallup also found that only 40 percent of men and 34 percent of women morally accept “sex between teenagers” despite the fact that the majority of men and women do, in fact, have sex as teenagers.’

‘In 2014, the Guttmacher Institute reported that that over 50 percent of both male and female adolescents have had sex by age 18 and over 70 percent have had sex by the time they turn 20 (PDF). The average age of first intercourse in the United States is 17 years old. Either large swaths of Americans regret their teenage sexual escapades, or they’re lying to Gallup.’

Previously on AOC: Sexy Doublespeak | American Women & Sexual Honesty

Statistics Say Conservatives Buy More Porn

3. In 2012, the United Nations Economic and Social Council set down 52 indicators crucial to measuring gender equality in any country. The data considered ranged from standard indicators such as sexual violence against women, maternal mortality ratio and literacy levels, to the less obvious ones such as the number of female police officers and judges in any given country. Policy makers now claim that 80% of the data required is missing and not accounted for. Sub-Saharan Africa is the biggest problem with 82.3% of data missing, but in Europe and Central Asia, the number is 76.1%.

4. Even though women make up 51 percent of the U.S. population, only about 4 percent of movies are directed by women. Of the 220 TV shows, representing about 3500 total episodes, only 14 percent were directed by women

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Madonna Calls Out Gay Men's Misogyny In Out Magazine April 2015 Interview

Madonna receently held court with a series of reporters, promoting her new album ‘Rebel Heart’. Last on her schedule was Out Magazine’s Christopher Glazek, whose interview ‘The Many Heresies of Madonna Louise Ciccone’ is published in the latest issue of due on newsstands March 17. Mert & Marcus share bondage-themed shots of the pop star cyclone, who is not known for keeping a stiff upper lip.

Madonna Says Women Remain Most Marginalized Group

Madge turns her tongue not only to women’s rights, as has been widely reported:

To me, the last great frontier is women…Women are still the most marginalized group. You’re still categorized—you’re either a virgin or a whore. If you’re a certain age, you’re not allowed to express your sexuality, be single or date younger men.

The has plenty to say about some gay men and their tepid support for women’s rights. Not only does Madonna break down the real-deal story of Joan of Arc as a strong woman abandoned by her gay male, gutless dauphine. The superstar speaks frankly about a deep-seeded misogyny against women and especially heterosexual women within the LGBT community. 

Madonna’s comments echo those of 2015 Academy Awards best supporting actress Patricia Arquette, who was criticised loudly for suggesting that multiple groups — including the LGBT community — must stand for women. The debate became one about intersectionality, political correctness,  and white women high-wage earners and not Arquette’s sound argument that all women are entitled to expect support for women’s rights after so many have stood for LGBT rights.

These views were not spur of the moment, delivered instead one week later in followup comments to Glazek.

Gay rights are way more advanced than women’s rights. People are a lot more open-minded to the gay community than they are to women, period.” For women, she feels, the situation has hardly improved since 1983. “It’s moved along for the gay community, for the African-American community, but women are still just trading on their ass. To me, the last great frontier is women.

Rose McGowan On Gay Misogyny

Glazek gives a boost to the blonde ambition’s theory by citing the November 2014 uproar in which Rose McGowan:

  … was burned at the virtual stake for calling out gay misogyny. True, McGowan did not help her cause with the taunting assertion that gays had ‘fought for the right to stand on top of a float wearing an orange Speedo and take Molly, but then, neither did she threaten anyone’s life, in jest or otherwise.


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Tamy Glauser Talks Sexual & Gender Identity, Lensed By Federico Cabrera For REVS Magazine #8

Model Tamy Glauser invites us into her personal, sensual world and questions about sexual identity, lensed by Federico Cabrera for ‘Delusion’ for REVS magazine No. 8. Tamy is styled by Teri Nitti with makeup by Tom Wennerstrand.

Tami dons a mask by Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal Haute Couture, but her dialogue with Pirita Litmanen on gender and sexuality in ‘Tamy Glauser on Delusion’ is open and unfettered.

It is hard to understand that people don’t always know if I am a girl or a boy. I feel like a girl and for me it is an obvious thing. When I walk on the street here in Paris, they stop me saying ”monsieur”. It happens so often I’ve stopped explaining myself already.

When I was younger, I tried to look girly and kept my hair long even though it didn’t feel right. It wasn’t until years later when I moved to New York that I realized nobody really cared how I looked like. I could just be me.
In New York I also learned to be ok with my sexuality. I think I knew I was gay for a long time but I fought it. I just couldn’t relate to the rough and manly image I had of gay women. During the 3 years I spent in New York I learned that I can be whatever I am and like whoever I want; male, female, it’s all the same.

The model, whose mother is half-Nigerian, hopes to be an example for other young people who are struggling with sexual identity. Simultaneously, Tamy Glauser reminds readers that ‘I am not all about my sexuality. I am not Tamy and gay. Gender and sexuality should not matter. They exist as a part of me, that’s all.’


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Long Ring Finger Traits Similar Between Men & Women Sexually & In Business

Finger Ratios and Fidelity In Both Genders

New research examining individual attitudes relating to non-committed sex versus committed sexuality suggest that the length of the ring finger compared to the index finger is a strong predictor of tendencies to ‘stay’ or ‘stray’ in both men and women.

A longer ring finger is associated with greater exposure to testosterone in the womb.

Professor John Manning of Northumbria University’s Department of Psychology has studied finger ratio data for nearly 20 years and believes this is the first study to suggest that both men and women may have alternative mating strategies. Women were not included in earlier studies examining finger lengths and promiscuity.

Manning worked with Dr Rafael Wlodarski and Professor Robin Dunbar of Oxford Universities Department of Experimental Psychology in his newest study.

The study conducted at UK’s Northembria and Oxford Universities questioned 575 North American and British people on the views of sociosexuality. They then measured photocopies of the right hands of 1,314 Brits.

Gender Consistency In Results

Researchers found that both men and women fell into one of two groups — those with restricted sexual attitudes and life patterns and those with unrestricted attitudes and lifestyles. Individuals with restricted patterns preferred exclusive, emotionally-committed relationships with sexual partners, while the unrestricted groups expressed little need for emotional commitment.

The results of the sociosexuality questionnaire indicated that 57% of men favored the unrestricted sexuality lifestyle, compared to 47% among women. The results of hand measuring resulted in 62% of men having a ring finger longer than the index finger. Half of women — 50% — also had a longer ring finger.


The researchers remind us that cultural factors can modify predetermined genetic traits, but their importance as a predictor of mating behavior should not be underestimated. Finger ratios as they relate to prenatal testosterone exposure can also indicate other conditions including fertility, lung and heart functioning and sports performance.

Finger Ratios and Women Entrepreneurs

In a fascinating study Italian economists Aldo Rustichini and Luigi Guiso hired 200 assistants to interview over two thousand Italian men and women small-business owners. In this study, the hands of the entrepreneurs were photographed, allowing for direct comparison of interview responses and ring finger/index finger ratios.

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Activists & Masai Warriors Join Forces To End Female Genital Mutilation

Ending Female Genital Cutting

Efua Dorkenoo, a key leader in the movement to end FGC1. Efua Dorkenoo,  a key leader in the international movement to end female genital cutting, has died in London at age 65. Ms. Dorkenoo served as acting director of women’s health at the World Health Organization in the late 1990s, writes the New York Times. She also wrote an influential book — ‘Cutting the Rose: Female Genital Mutilation’ (1996).

Writing an update on FGM (female genital mutilation) or FGC (female genital cutting), the NYT reports progress among younger women in ending the practice associated with tribal societies, not Islam exclusively.

The United Nations voted unanimously in 2013 to recognize female genital cutting as a human rights violation.

In Egypt, where more women have been cut than in any other nation, surveys showed that 81 percent of 15- to 19-year-olds had undergone the practice, compared with 96 percent of women in their late 40s.

AOC has explored news of FGC/FGM for years, tracking the Tostan organization’s successfull efforts in parts of Africa to end the practice with village elders leading the way.

Health Risks of FGM

2. Effects of FGM a project of Amnesty International

Immediate consequences of FGM include severe pain and bleeding, shock, difficulty in passing urine, infections, injury to nearby genital tissue and sometimes death. The procedure can result in death through severe bleeding leading to haemorrhagic shock, neurogenic shock as a result of pain and trauma, and overwhelming infection and septicaemia, according to Manfred Nowak, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

Almost all women who have undergone FGM experience pain and bleeding as a consequence of the procedure. The event itself is traumatic as girls are held down during the procedure. Risk and complications increase with the type of FGM and are more severe and prevalent with infibulations.

“The pain inflicted by FGM does not stop with the initial procedure, but often continues as ongoing torture throughout a woman’s life”, says Manfred Nowak, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.

Masai Warriors Against FGM

The young Masai tribal warriors battling FGM in Kenya  The Times UK

3. The famous Masai men are acclaimed for being feared and accomplished warriors.  Pictured here, Ole Lelein Kanunga, the leader of young Masai tribal warriors in Entasopia, “a lush oasis of trees and pasture in the otherwise desert flats of this part of southern Kenya”, says that in the month of December, circumcisions will end.You see, December is the month when girls are cut in Kenya, a rite of passage that often results in their not returning to the classroom and marrying instead, with babies on the way.

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Trans Activist Lavern Cox Honored As Glamour Woman Of The Year 2014

Lea T For Redken

Many people in the fashion and beauty industries clapped this week with news that transgender model Lea T would become the new muse for Redken 5th Avenue. Brazilian-born Lea T shared her journey as a transgender person in a public, insightful and articulate series of conversations over several years, including this one with Oprah.

Lavern Cox Shares ‘The T Word’ Documentary

Earlier this week trans activist Lavern Cox was named one of Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year 2014. The Orange Is the New Black star is part of a team producing a new documentary ‘The T Word’. The feature follows seven people aged 12-24, as the explore the intersections of transgender identity and race.

“For many of us, the ‘T’ in LGBT means more than transgender, it also means truth,” Laverne said in a statement. “The cast members in this documentary are fearlessly living their truths and in sharing their stories will send the message to other trans youth that it’s okay to be who you are.

From left, Avery Grey of Long Island City and Daniella Carter from the Bronx, who are featured in “The T Word.”

Andreja Pejic

The second major voice in the fashion industry on transgender issues is Andre Pejic, now Andreja Pejic. Speaking to People Magazine in July 2014, Andreja said “I want to share my story with the world because I think I have a social responsibility. I hope that by being open about this, it becomes less of an issue.”

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Male Canary Brains Bathed In Testosterone Hit The Seductive High Notes

Seducing a female canary isn’t easy. They are picky, frankly, looking for males particularly adept at singing “sexy syllables” that may indicate their overall genetic robustness. Researchers have previously determined that unlike most vocal notes produced by a male canary, the sexy trills require “extraordinarily fast and coordinated alternation between the left and right sides of the syrinx (the avian vocal organ) more than 16 times a second.

For the male canary capable of executing this performance — even on tape — caged female canaries assume postures inviting copulation.

Now researchers at John Hopkins University have bathed the entire brain of male canaries with testosterone to see if male canaries sing better songs capable of seducing females.  It’s known that the medial preoptic nucleus part of a canary brain — or POM — controls sexual motivation. POM operates in humans as well.

In this recent study, researchers created three groups of male canaries: 1) POM only testosterone application; 2) entire brain testosterone application; and 3) no testosterone given. The results confirmed that while male canaries receiving the POM only applications of testosterone sang more frequently than the control, they couldn’t hit the seductive trills required to inspire the female canary to copulate. Only males receiving the entire brain bath of testosterone could pull off the five-star performance.

“The quality of the song that is required to successfully attract a mate and then the process of attending to the female, or singing to her, when she is there … requires the coordination of multiple brain regions,” says graduate student Beau Alward, the lead investigator.

Promising insights may also come for seduction among humans, given the reality that like humans, the canary brain is able to change its neural pathways and synapses in response to changes in behavior, the seasonal environment, and injury.  “The hormones in these birds are identical to those in humans and they can regulate brain changes in a similar manner,” said Gregory F. Ball, vice dean for science and research infrastructure and professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences in the Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. via